Tim Potter

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Ubuntu Forums:

I am finishing school soon (BofCS) and have been actively using Ubuntu for the past 3 years (exclusively using it on my laptop and server for the last 1.5 years) I was able to bring my CS teacher over to Ubuntu before his open source software class started, and got about 60 CS students to start using it instead of Redhat. I am a bit of an Ubuntu zealot, as this community is not like any other. I hope to be a member of this community soon.

As can be found through launchpad, I've done some bug reporting and testing, and have helped as much as possible in the irc rooms. I have not been very active on the forums though.

I hope to see Ubuntu become the distro of choice for all intro Linux classes in high schools and colleges, as it is conducive to learning!

I have recently joined the Ubuntu Chicago LoCo Team:


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