Hi, my name is MOHAMMAD HAFIZ ISMAIL <> from Alor Star, Malaysia. I'm a hobbyist programmer and works as a part-time researcher. I enjoys reading computer related material and writing about open source software.

I am also a licensed ham radio operator with callsign (9W2WTF). Member of the group.


My main operating system platform is Ubuntu, and maintains a Ubuntu 10.04 LTS server in my workplace . I usually codes in GNU/Linux, my main programming languages is C and Java (mainly JavaME), but I also can code in PHP and .NET (Compact Framework). One of Malaysia's Ubuntu Loco members

I'm part of Ubuntu Malay Translators Team and contributes towards Ubuntu Malay language translation efforts.

I maintain a personal blog at which I write about my favorite operating system,Ubuntu.

Email me if you have any questions regarding my profile, alternatively you can reach me using the contact form at my website.

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