I'd like this to kindof be a whiteboard for mythgame ideas.

Currently I think a good place to start would be to get xmame and xmess support up and running. By using these two emulators I think a wide variety of systems could be covered. So the sdl versions of mame and mess in universe have lirc support. Basically I think the only issue that really needs to be added to the lirc generator would be exit and insert coins, and maybe volume. the link below shows how to do it for both.

I think a good long term goal would be to get cd based systems up, like the original playstation, dreamcast, gamecube, or even the playstation 2, but for right now I think I'd like to go for ease of use, smaller number of installed packages, and only learning 1 config system.

Another goal I'd like to set is to pick some native linux games that don't use a keyboard such as ppracer, maybe supertuxcart, etc. If anyone has any suggestions I'd love to hear them. Would also be nice if mythgame displayed all the games under applications->games as well, tremulous, open arena etc I've tried to get both working and am unable to figure out how to use either with a gamepad. I really wanted to get a native linux game working, but so far have been unable to find any that work with a gamepad, suggestions welcome.

Finally, as to how the packages would work, maybe something like a mythgame-sdlmess package, which depends on the sdl version of xmess, which would basically contain config files, and some sql to insert. Does this sound reasonable?

The mythgame setup doc has some good information.

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