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About nUboon2Age and Ubuntu

I first encountered GNU/Linux in 1997 when my ISP was using Debian. I liked its standardization, cautious development approach and the .deb packaging system. I flirted with Linux in 1998 with Corel Linux -- really easy install and beautiful KDE desktop, but was bewildered by the whole lilo/grub boot management dual booting w/ M$'s OSs. I didn't really start dating until 2009 when I installed Xubuntu 9.04 Jaunty Jackalope dual boot w/ XP on an 5 year old laptop with only 238M Ram(!) In May 2010 I had just upgraded the laptop's memory but experienced an XP-related hard disk meltdown, so deleted the M$ virus from the system entirely and installed Ubuntu 10.04 Lucid Lynx and fell in love. In July 2010 I started tinkering with Wubi and Kubuntu to get familiarized with them.

I love Lucid Lynx's gorgeous look and feel, ease of use and the many built-in benefits of Ubuntu like:
Ubuntu The huge Ubuntu community that provides so much support to one another
Ubuntu The Ubuntu Software Center & Synaptic being a quick one-stop 'shop' for loads of FLOSS software
Ubuntu Fast boot time and good performance
Ubuntu Installation that is quick and painless (usually)
Ubuntu Its Debian foundation including the .deb packaging system
Ubuntu The Gnome desktop and environment that is competitve with Windoze and Macintosh for ease of use
Ubuntu The approach Ubuntu has taken to target everyday and new computer users
Ubuntu The Lucid colors and themes
Ubuntu The emphasis on Python for Ubuntu development
Ubuntu More to come... Smile :)

Ubuntu Beginners Team Ambitions

Ubuntu I help out where I can within the Ubuntu Forum and IRC channels (Ubuntu and Beginners Team)
Ubuntu Provide wiki updates for the Ubuntu community documentation
Ubuntu Aiming to become a Beginners Team Member.


Ubuntu Give away Ubuntu disks and pen drives to those interested Ubuntu Member of the Ubuntu California LoCo
Ubuntu Advocate the use of Free and Open Source Software wherever possible
Ubuntu Help folks get acquainted with Ubuntu and Free Libre Open Source software (FLOSS).
Ubuntu Run several Ubuntu machines.


Ubuntu Help and support new users.
Ubuntu Explore becoming an Ubuntu Developer and use what i learn to create an Ubuntu Beginning Developers wiki page
Ubuntu Create Free and Open software for all
Ubuntu To bring about GNU/Linux's world domination.
Ubuntu Help and support newcomers to Ubuntu.


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