An evangelist and supporter for free and open source software (FOSS) as well as the open standards. Actively involved in educating and promoting the usage of FOSS (especially Ubuntu) and the important of open standards to public, organizations, businesses and government. Help in whatever I can by giving trainings, tutorials, installations, troubleshooting, converting, preaching and so forth to whoever would like to use FOSS and Linux.

I am member of the Ubuntu worldwide community, member of Ubuntu Malaysia LoCo Team and member of various teams in Launchpad (please refer to https://launchpad.net/~nbliang/+participation for my complete team list). I am also one of the founders and a committee members of Kuching Open Source Community (http://www.kuchingosc.org/), where we are promoting and introducing open source software and Linux to public around Sarawak, mainly in Kuching, Malaysia.

Plans & Goals

Well, I am trying to achieve / continue to carry out the following goals:

  • To promote open source software (especially Ubuntu) to others — continuous efforts

  • Promote Ubuntu as the first choice in desktop usage (to help fixing bug #1 in Launchpad) — continuous efforts

  • Help others that have problems / queries with Ubuntu — continuous efforts

  • To get more woman / girls into Linux, especially Ubuntu - this is not easy !!

  • Learn to be a MOTU as well — not yet started


I have been involved with FOSS for few years now (and playing with Ubuntu since Warty) and contribute as much as I could during my free or spare time. Here are my contributions in various groups:

Ubuntu / Launchpad

Kuching Open Source Community

  • Promoting & supporting FOSS (especially Ubuntu) usage in Malaysia, especially in Sarawak

  • Giving talks, demonstration and installation to public at Sarawak, Malaysia


  • Promoting the usage of FOSS to relatives, friends and colleagues
  • Converting companies to use Ubuntu (see Previous Activities)
  • Write reviews on various FOSS topics:
  • MIMOS GNU/Linux Live CD (Beta)


Here are some of the activities that I will / was involved with:


Current / In Progress

  • Encourage PC sellers to bundle Ubuntu

    • Currently in talk with one local PC vendor to bundle Ubuntu with their low cost personal computer. Currently still in initial stage and will post up more information about this when we actually have it finalized.

Previous / Archives

  • Converting Balka Approach Sdn Bhd
    (Feb 2009 - Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia)
    Ubuntu (mixed with Xubuntu for their old and low specs machines) is now the primary operating system (OS) within Balka Approach Sdn Bhd (a small company with around 5 PCs).

    http://www.kuchingosc.org/data/ubuntu-balka/ubuntu-balka-01-small.jpg http://www.kuchingosc.org/data/ubuntu-balka/ubuntu-balka-02-small.jpg http://www.kuchingosc.org/data/ubuntu-balka/ubuntu-balka-03-small.jpg

  • Firefox 3 Download Day 2008
    (18 June 2008 - Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia)
    I am participating in the Firefox 3 Download Day as well as promoting the browser to others via mailing lists, forums, mouth explanation and so forth.


  • Document Freedom Day 2008
    (26 March 2008 - Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia)
    I am evangelizing the document freedom and open standards among my friends and colleagues.


    (29 Feb until 2 Mar 2008 - Universiti Malaysia Sarawak - Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia)
    We are at UNIMAS for presentations on various Ubuntu-related topics. The event was co-organized with PERTEKMA, UNIMAS-OSSIG and the Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology. We will also carry out the Ubuntu InstallFest.

    http://www.kuchingosc.org/data/unimas-it-expo-2008/IMG_3078.JPG http://www.kuchingosc.org/data/unimas-it-expo-2008/IMG_3081.JPG http://www.kuchingosc.org/data/unimas-it-expo-2008/IMG_3086.JPG
    Photos are available from http://www.kuchingosc.org/gallery/unimas-it-expo-2008/

  • KCBA PC Fair 2007
    (30 Nov until 2 Dec 2007 - Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia)
    We are sponsored by Kuching Computer Business Association (KCBA) to promote FOSS to the locals. Giving out free CDs and explain to public the benefits of using FOSS such as Ubuntu Linux rather than Microsoft Windows, and so forth.

  • Software Freedom Day 2007
    (12 September 2007 - Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia)
    I was involved and in-charged of the SFD 2007 for Sarawak region which is held in collaboration with Faculty of Computer Science and Information Technology (FCSIT), Universiti Malaysia Sarawak (UNIMAS) at their campus.

    http://www.kuchingosc.org/data/software-freedom-day-2007/sfd2007_02.jpg http://www.kuchingosc.org/data/software-freedom-day-2007/sfd2007_03.jpg http://www.kuchingosc.org/data/software-freedom-day-2007/sfd2007_08.jpg

  • KCBA ICT Expo 2006
    (30 June until 2 July 2006 - Kuching, Sarawak, Malaysia)
    We also successfully distributed out 600 Ubuntu Dapper Drake CDs plus almost 200 older version of Ubuntu. We also receive good feedbacks from the visitors and some of them are interested to use it.

    http://www.kuchingosc.org/data/kuchingosc-at-kcba-ict-expo-2006/booth02.jpg http://www.kuchingosc.org/data/kuchingosc-at-kcba-ict-expo-2006/booth08.jpg http://www.kuchingosc.org/data/kuchingosc-at-kcba-ict-expo-2006/booth09.jpg

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