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Married with children. Obsessed with technology for as long as I can remember. Current interests include IoT, InfoSec, and all things embedded that run Linux.


My first experience with computers was with a Radio Shack TRS-80 my mother used while working from home around 1980. I saw punch cards prior to that, knew what they were in an abstract kind of way, but ultimately didn't have much to do with that as I was to young. My first computer was an Atari 800 when I was 10. Since then I've owned Commodore 64/128/Amiga 500/1200/3000, Apple II+/C/GS, Mac Classic, IBM PCs/clones. I've built all of my personal and business workstations since 1995, and servers since 2002. I have interest in both low level and high level aspects of computing and just about everything in between.


I started programming in BASIC then eventually learned a little FORTRAN and PASCAL. Went back to BASIC in high school. Around '94 with the help of a friend, I wrote the first program I was ever really proud of. It was a BASIC program that used a point function to read lines of text (LTR, TTB) and write to file as comma separated values. CTRL+S would prompt for a pass phrase which was then used to "encrypt" the point values using a fairly simple formula, one point value at a time, and written back to file one line at a time. (Obfuscation really but with age and experience comes wisdom.) This subsequently led me to write my first cracking program (also in BASIC) which attempted to guess the correct password and "decrypt" the text. It took a while, sometimes weeks using only the program's formula as base. As expected, cracking difficulty increased as passphrase length and the number of unique characters increased. Since that time I have learned many new languages and even revisited PASCAL via Delphi in the '00s. I am most fluent in PHP.


I use it everyday, along with pfSense and Windows. When I find someone that is willing to try something different or just simply cannot afford M$, I always recommend Ubuntu. It is a really good distro.


  • Provided free web hosting for the Ubuntu LoCo TN Team.

  • Helped to maintain the LoCo TN web site content, updates, security, and users.

  • Participation in the LoCo TN channel on IRC.

  • Installation and support services of Ubuntu on recycled computers for the less fortunate free of charge.
  • Installation and support services of Ubuntu Server to business clients.
  • Recycled some used equipment to Ubuntu team members.


  • Rich is wonderful with tech support. Especially on security and networking issues and is always willing to lend a hand and go the extra mile -- WesleyStout (Thx Wesley! Funny :))

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