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Nasser Hasian

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September 23rd, 2009

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nhasian ~300 thanks in 2000+ posts

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Contributions to Ubuntu

Participated in the Arizona LoCo Team & PLUG Installfest at the University of Advancing Technology of Tempe, AZ on Jan 31st, 2009.

Installed & Tested Ubuntu on various laptops:

  1. Install and run Ubuntu+1 on various laptops and file bug reports to help develop Ubuntu.
  2. Help users in the ubuntu forums, launchpad, IRC
  3. Train Padawans for the Ubuntu Beginners Team to give them the tools & knowledge to help other users on the ubuntu forums.

  4. Actively promote ubuntu to all my friends and family Smile :)


* https://launchpadlibrarian.net/7352731/blueprint-high AutoKey Writing Documentation

Ubuntu Forums


Future Plans

I have several MS certifications, and i would like to become Linux/Ubuntu certified. I would also like to organize more social gatherings for my AZ Loco in addition to the installfests. Recently I watched the videos on partitioning and installing Ubuntu on screencasts.ubuntu.com by Alan Pope. They have inspired me to start learning how to make some of my own instructional videos to supplement my How-To Guides.

Personal Information and Experience

I've been using computers since I bought my Commodore Amiga in 1989, and thats also when i started getting online with my 1200 baud dailup modem. Yes, that is before the existance of AOL, PPP, or even HTML. I used to use archie and gopher and thought HTML was just a fad. I guess I was wrong Smile :) I built and repaired desktops, laptops, workstations and servers for six years for a computer company in Phoenix, AZ until they folded in 2001. Currently I do tech support for AT&T's U-Verse Internet, TV and Phone services.


nhasian has been a strong contributor to the forums since he started using Ubuntu, and to LP Answers as well. It's also been great to see him get involved with documentation. I've had the privilege of getting to know nhasian through working with him on the Beginners Team as his mentor/sponsor when he joined, and I have found that he is always willing to help and learn. I think his willingness to contribute and grow in the Ubuntu community makes him a great candidate for membership, and I fully support his application. -- rocket2dmn 2009-08-23 18:31:24

I have had the pleasure of working with nhasian on the Ubuntu Forums Beginners Team. He is a very active member, who is always willing to help people with any problems that they might be experiencing. Even though he already contributes greatly to many different parts of the community, he has shown great interest contributing to many more teams in the future. nhasian possesses all of the required qualities of an Ubuntu Member, and he has my full support for Ubuntu Membership. -- nhandler 2009-02-16 02:29:40

BodhiZazen: It has been a pleasure to have nhasian as a member of the Beginners Team. He is active with the Ubuntu community as a whole including forums and on LP. He has been active on IRC and is both knowledgeable and helpful, although I think he is too friendly with VoteBot sometimes (inside joke). I support (even encourage) his application for Ubuntu Membership. 2024-07-19 15:03:06

forestpixie I became aware of nhasian shortly after he joined the forum in 2008, it was not long for his questions to become answers. Eventually he pitched up on IRC and joined the Beginners Team where I had more to do with him. He is very active withing the Ubuntu community as a whole and he has my full support with his application.

tyche I've known nhasian for a while now. A quite, unassuming person who doesn't let on about all that he's involved in. And then you see the list of his activities. All of them supportive and impressive. Because of his manner and his interest and activity in contributing to the Ubuntu community, I fully support his application for membership.


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