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About Me

My name is Neil Oosthuizen and I have been addicted to Ubuntu in some form or shape since I got my 6.06 discs via ship-it. Currently I like to hang out and give a helping hand when possible on IRC, I am part of a group trying to get a Loco established in the UAE and more often than not I will be found at the Ubuntu Forums.

It was also my great privilege to be asked to assist as a moderator on the Ubuntu Forums, a chance I jumped at, and as it is early days yet I will start to play a bigger role in this capacity as I become more familiar with the culture, rules, etiquette etc. and the tools available on the forum.

Oh, and a special mention to all the awesome work the super unofficial Ubuntu News Team does... when ever I can I try and lend them a hand with the awesome task of the weekly Ubuntu Newsletter...

Team Memberships

Future Plans & Projects

  • Well, it is still early days but we are slowly building an Ubuntu community in the UAE - Plan is simple, become a recognized official Loco -

  • I will continue to be an active member (and now also staff member) of the Ubuntu Forums as I see it as an awesome tool in bringing Ubuntu to the masses.

Programming languages

  • Python
    • print 'Hello world!' (Yup, that is about the extent of my programming powers...)
  • Python 3
    • print("Hello world!") (Still can't do much more but at least I am current :p)


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