About me

My name is Norman Garcia Aguilar, I'm from Nicaragua, 26 years old. I'm working in an IT academy called ISIC.

Contact information


n0rman at



naguilarg at ubuntu dot com


norman at riseup dot net


naguilarg at gmail dot com


My contribution to the community

I'm an Ubuntu user since Dapper Drake.

Member of the Ubuntu-ni LoCo Team since march 2007 and the Team Leader since April 2008, ive been participating as coordinator and conferencist in more than 30 events including the SFD Nicaragua 2007 FLISOL 2007 DFD 2008 FLISOL 2008 and the LinuxTour Nicaragua.

Also I'm always promoting courses and workshops for the members of Ubuntu Nicaragua, such as the Debian Packaging Jam and the almidon course in ISI with the support of Guegue.

Representing the community in several television, newspapers and radio interviews:

Linux Tour 2007/2008

I'm one of the main coordinators of the Linux Tour event in Nicaragua. On the Linux Tour, I had the opportunity to give several Ubuntu related talks in local universities.


I was the coordinator in Managua.

SFD 2007

The best event worlwide. I was member of the coordination team in Nicaragua.

DFD 2008

I gave an asterisk conference. LINK


I was the coordinator in the city of Juigalpa.

SFD 2008

I was the coordinator of the SFD Nicaraguan Team.

Linux Tour Honduras

Attending the San Pedro Sula and Tegucigalpa Linux Tour, our first event outside of Nicaragua. San Pedro Sula was organized by the Ubuntu Honduras Team and Tegucigalpa by the GULTGU. My conference was about Free Software and Education.

My plans for the future

  • Work with the Ubuntu Spanish Translator Team.
  • Work with the Ubuntu Training Community to develop courses for the users. Smile :)

  • Work with the Central and Latin American LoCo Teams and help the smallest groups to grow.

  • Encourage the CC-Members of Ubuntu-ni LoCo Team to become Ubuntu members. This will make them (the cc-members) work more and help the Ubuntu community to continue growing Smile :)

Cheers from the community

  • Norman is a great leader and one of the key persons in the success of our community. He's the most active member of Ubuntu-ni, always proposing new and interesting projects and initiatives. His support to other teams in Nicaragua and in Central America is priceless. - Leandro Gómez, former Ubuntu-ni Team Leader ~ leogg at ubuntu dot com
  • Hey Norman good luck with your nomination I know that you have all the elements to be an official ubuntero!!
  • Go for it!!! you deserve it!!! - LaFieraMarina cc member of Ubuntu-ni

  • Norman is good element for either community, he is smart and worker, not elect him as an official member of Ubuntu would be a big mistake ~ celvin(at)gnusal(dot)org
  • Hey boss :), this guy have been in our community since the beginning, I was there, at the beginning too, he manage to be one of the key pieces of Ubuntu-NI, and... Ubuntu-NI headquarters is his home :), good luck buddy! Igor(

  • Norman is a great person and a good partner, he is always present in all activities related to the Linux world and is a very active person. He is a great motivator for the community. Antorcha member of Ubuntu-ni.
  • Hey Norman !! You have forgotten that you are admin @ ubuntu-ni @ .... men you are in so many things, were do you get time to do everything ?? Ubuntu user and promoter, and that's only the start... cause you are only studing for the engineer title ... you will get far man, in TIC's and most of all in Linux UBUNTU world - @LeX Rodriguez (SUSE-ni / NUI Nicaragua president)
  • n0rm, you are a great leader and a great partner, becoming Ubuntu member is a great achivement for you and for a our LoCo Team. Good Luck!!! Jose Ernesto - josernestodavila AT ubuntu dot org dot ni

  • Norm is a great leader and always have good ideas for the community, he has been in the group since the beginning. Good luck man!!! José Adiel Blandón Rivera - canche_x AT ubuntu dot org dot ni
  • I know Norman since four months ago, and I think he is an excellent leader, always is in action on the group, and now he is our boss, don't give up. Luis Landero
  • Norman is a great leader for the Linux community of nicaragua supports all open source projects, continues friend.

  • Norman is a good friend and he is a person that work every day for the development of the ubuntu community in our country. Byron Corrales ,

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