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About Me

My name is Rob and I was born half way through the 1970s.

I managed to reach my 30s without ever touching a computer. I just wasn't interested. Music was my thing. When I saw an mp3 player and discovered that I could carry all my music around in my pocket, I decided I needed a computer. My brother-in-law kindly donated his old one with Ubuntu 7.04 installed.

Everything was fine for a few months until I decided to move the computer to another room and upgrade to 7.10. I found that the sound no longer worked. This is when I discovered Ubuntu Forums. I asked for help and quickly learned all sorts of complicated linux stuff like compiling alsa and blacklisting modules, and how to partition and install an operating system.

In the end it turned out that when I had moved the computer I had plugged the speakers into the blue hole instead of the green one.

But joining the forums peeked my interest in Ubuntu and linux in general and over the years I have learned a great deal about Ubuntu, linux and computers in general. In September 2011 I was asked to join the Ubuntu Forums staff and I was honoured to accept.

I hope that my Ubuntu story shows that you don't need to have any technical knowledge what so ever to get involved with Ubuntu, just a desire to join in.


Ubuntu Forums

My participation in Ubuntu up to now has been largely on Ubuntu forums. I like to help out wherever I can, usually in Absolute Beginners, General Help and Multimedia & Video. I particularly enjoy helping with console based applications of which I am a great fan. I have been known to help with bash from time to time.

More recently I have been spending time helping to keep the forums a nice, friendly place to visit.

Integrating Ubuntu Forums into the wider Ubuntu community

Recently the Ubuntu forums staff have been encouraging forum members to become involved other areas of the Ubuntu community. I have been involved in revitalising the #ubuntuforums IRC channel encouraging forum members to come and chat with each other, the staff and other Ubuntu Members who pop in.

Many long standing members of the forums, who have been providing free support to new and old users alike over a sustained period of time do not believe they have the requirements for Ubuntu membership. I am pleased to say that a few forum members I have encouraged to apply for membership have been approved.

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