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About me

To be honest, I have no clue where to start. Let's try this: I'm Jens from Germany (born in '83). I had a couple of surgeries because of my funnel chest (in Latin: Pectus excavatum sive infundibulum). The first two I hardly remember because they were at the age of 5 and 7. The ones I do remember were at the age of 15 and 19. During my long stay at the hospital (at the age of 15) I discovered computers as a good amusement and started to learn HTML and CSS.

As I had to go to surgey for the next time (at the age of 19), I continued to use the time laying in my hospital bed to get familiar with basics of Windows XP ... but soon discovered that Windows was not enough. So I try Linux Kubuntu for the first time and got facinated. But my Jobs and studies required me to have a working Windows System and that was why all Linux stuff went of my harddrive again.

That was in the past Wink ;-) Nowerdays my Desktop at Home runs Lubuntu and I am happy with it (not to mention that i am the only one able to handle it which freaks my family out Wink ;) )

How I came here

And this is why I am here. My Research quickly let me to the LXDE Desktop and to Lubuntu which I installed and was happy. Sure there were several problems to be solved, but with the help of the community I found behind that project, all troubles were gone in a short period of time.

How can I be up service?

As I am getting more and more familiar with the System I would like to return the time it took for the community to get my system running.

The only Problem is: I have absolutely no clue of programming, so I will concentrate my efforts in writing Texts for Press-Releases or helping in coding the wiki pages. To keep an overview over my projects I created my Project-Page

Questions or comments?

Then fire away Wink ;-) I am always online at the IRC and also available via the contact possibilities listed above.

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