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Naeil Zoueidi

————— [ About Me ] ————

[+] Linux user since January 2008, My name’s Naeîl Zoueidi aka Na3iL I’ve 21 years old Mandrake to Mandriva and Ubuntu user since April 2008.

[+] I joined Ubuntu-tn after 4 years as a regular member , I'm also a pentester and FOSS suporter Info (!)

[*] I love everything related to technology and information security and of course programming Big Grin :)

[-] my my gmail is naeilzoueidi [att] gmail [dot] com


————— [ /End ] ————–


  • Ubuntu Software Freedom Day 27/10/2013

    Ubuntu Education Freedom Day 19/01/2014

Future Goals

  • Ubuntu Being more and more involved in the Ubuntu-tn LoCo

    Ubuntu Prepare events with Ubuntu-tn


Note: This section is for people who aren't Ubuntu members to cheer or comments that aren't testimonials from existing members.


Note: This section is for existing Ubuntu members to leave testimonials. People who aren't Ubuntu members can leave a comment above in favor of the application.

If you know me and have something nice to say, please leave a comment here. Wink ;-)

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