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  • Heyy, I'm Naeîl Ezzoueidi aka nzoueidi a Linux lover since January 2008, I’ve 26 years old , mandrake to Mandriva and Ubuntu user since April 2008.

Ubuntu I joined Ubuntu-TN after 4 years as a regular member.

Ubuntu I joined also Ubuntu-ps in 23 February 2014.

Ubuntu I'm a member of the Ubuntu GNOME team.

Ubuntu Member of StartUbuntu Ambassadors in 09 March 2014.

Ubuntu I'm founder and president of ISETchux which is a free software club based in ISET charguia on 20 September 2014

Ubuntu On December 3, 2015 I was approved as an Official Ubuntu Member during an IRC meeting with the Ubuntu Board Membership.

Ubuntu After almost a year I have been selected to be a part of the Ubuntu Board Membership.

I'm also a pentester and FOSS suporter Info (!) for that I love everything related to technology and information security and of course programming Big Grin :) and for sure helping others as long as I know what they are talking about Wink ;) .

I like to go out, advocate open-source, help others to jump to our community easily and safely. Big part of my brain keeps thinking of locos and newcomers, have no idea why?, but I like this and will put some work to grow that idea.


  • Ubuntu Improve Ubuntu-TN performance and integrate new active members.

    Ubuntu Help and Enthusiast the TN loco Team.

    Ubuntu Do my best to help and welcome other people to Ubuntu and Open-Source community.


  • Ubuntu Prepare events with Ubuntu-tn. (./)

    Ubuntu Triaging bugs for Ubuntu. (./)

    Ubuntu Understanding community better and work to help growing it. (./)


Events : Conferences, workshops, install parties and others

  • Na3iL

Most Ubuntu-TN events are listed on our Events page. You can find events details, reports, photos and blog links on

  • that page. Our monthly report may sometimes contain further details or information.

During these events I have worked with members of Ubuntu-TN community and sometimes with members of other FLOSS communities, organizations, universities and clubs. I am very thankful to everyone who contributed to these events in any way possible.

  • Ubuntu Software Freedom Day at Science Palace of Monastir 27/10/2013

  • - Discussion with the public about Ubuntu and FOSS, answering questions and encouraging the public to convert to Ubuntu and FOSS and staying at Ubuntu-TN Stand
    - Helping the main organisers of the event

  • Ubuntu Trophée du libre 14/02/2015

    - Staying at Ubuntu-TN Stand & Simple participation, taking photos. Photo album
    - Helping Ubuntu-tn LoCo team on listing our Events

    Ubuntu Install Party For the GDDD 21/01/2015

    - Discussion with students about Ubuntu and FOSS, help club Esprit Libre with installing Ubuntu and most important tools to the students

  • Ubuntu JLL : Journée des logiciels libres 07/10/2015

    - Discussion with the public about Ubuntu and FOSS, answering questions and encouraging the public to convert to Ubuntu and FOSS at FST
    - staying at Ubuntu-TN Stand

  • Ubuntu Software Freedom Day at ISET sousse 18/10/2015

    - Organization of the event
    - Staying at Ubuntu-TN Stand
    - Discussion with the public about Ubuntu & FOSS

In Community

  • Ubuntu Member of Lubuntu Global Team

    • - Create & translate 3 WiKi pages for Lubuntu in Arabic & French & this
      - Helping people in #lubuntu, #lubuntu-devel

    Ubuntu I advocate Open-Source and Ubuntu whenever possible.

    Ubuntu I've a deep passion to work with Ubuntu Tunisian loco team to spread the word through the country, whenever and wherever I can, I also try to enhance means of communication.

    Ubuntu Participate in drafting and validating WiKi pages for the ubuntu-tn Team

    Ubuntu Ubuntu Flash Coffee - Meeting IRL with Ubuntu-TN members


I was also present during other events organized by Tunisian communities and associations and other communities.
Instead of some projects and contributions I'd made in the F/OSS communities..

  • Ubuntu ISETchux Club

    • Opening Day Hello ISETchux

      • - Co-coordination and organisation of the event
        - Talking about ISETchux club & Ubuntu Philosophy

    • Install Party
      • - Talking about Daily Use of Ubuntu..
        - Installing Ubuntu to students

    • BE GEEK!
      • - Co-coordination and organisation of the event
        - Workshop about Security in Ubuntu

    Ubuntu CLLFSM "The Faculty of Science" Monastir

    • Education Freedom Day Tunisia 25/01/2015
      • - Simple participation, taking photos. Photo album

    Ubuntu Global Gam Jam Tunisia 31/01/2015

    • - Participating as a team developing an example of game using free software tool → Stencyl

      • - Installing Ubuntu to some other teams Awesome! B)

    Ubuntu TNwebdays 07 & 08/03/2015

    • - Participating as a team and develop an application mobile cross platform using free software tools like (LAMPP,Ubuntu 14.04 Gnome LTS as operating system,vi...)
      - A presentation for free software in 07/03/2015 and define the Ubuntu-TN community to the public
      - Stand for present ISETchux Club to the public

    Ubuntu Project Convert my Neighbours & my Friends to Linux - StartUbuntu

    • - Big supporter of the use of Free Software and follower of the philosophy of Open Source.

      • Since my contact with Ubuntu I'm doing my best to spread its ideology in my family and professional nearby.

      - This is the link for the project of convert my neighbours & my friends to Linux

    Ubuntu Ubuntu African Teams

    Ubuntu Project : Ubuntu Awesome Remix team

    Ubuntu Master & Member of LinuxPadawan Group

    • - being surrounded by such a good people who helps you whenever they can, I can assume that without Linux Padawan I wouldn't know all the helpful people that I'd know now since I joined it.
      Trying to help & learn in the same time (e.g in the IRC channel #linuxpadawan #phillw ). - Trying as much as I can to share & learn my skills to newcomers & Padawan members there.


Short Term Goals

  • Ubuntu Help My Family to completely migrate to Ubuntu and Free SW world(90% so far). (./)

    Ubuntu Work with Palestine loco team to get Up & Running.

Long Term Goals

  • Ubuntu Work with Tunisia loco Team to get to the level of approval. (./)

    Ubuntu Getting involved more & more with Ubuntu MOTU

    Ubuntu Work with Palestine loco Team to get to the level of approval.

    Ubuntu Start help with fixing bugs in some range of apps. (./)

    Ubuntu I'd be very happy if, after 4 years, I could confidently say, I helped shaping the *Free* community in TUNISIA!.

    • Ubuntu Being more and more involved in the Ubuntu-tn LoCo

      Ubuntu Spread FLOSS philosophy (./)



  • Ubuntu I created the 1st LUG in Tunisia known as (Tunisian GNU/Linux User Group), its members help newcomers to the community and show them the right path to contribute & getting involved to the FOSS.

    • - Owner/Moderator of the group on LP : here
      - Developing the website from the scratch : &&
      Inviting & teaching people who never heard about GNU/Linux distros the daily use of the simplest distribution *buntu

    Ubuntu My activities has grown more in real life than on the Internet, since I discovered GNU/Linux and Ubuntu, I decided to promote it wherever I go, I try as best as I can to convince people to try it, and install it.

    Ubuntu I offer all the people I convinced to install Ubuntu a technical support, maintenance in case of problems, and I help them to learn and use it better, for free of course.

    Ubuntu Assisting non Ubuntu users migrate to Ubuntu

On The Web

  • Ubuntu I participate actively on IRC channels to help users who search for help, I'm often present in #ubuntu-tn , #ubuntu-ps , #ubuntu-eg #ubuntu-dz , #ubuntu-ma and many other channels on Freenode like #ubuntu+1 and #ubuntu-gnome ..

    Ubuntu I try to help francophones who post their bugs on Launchpad.

    Ubuntu I give help on forums, facebook groups.


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  • Thank you for your support, I appreciate it Smile :)

Testimonials for Ubuntu Membership:

  • Ubuntu Naeîl has always been a friendly and helpful loco team member. He is doing his best to spread Ubuntu and FOSS philosophy among the Tunisian community. I highly recommend his approval as an Ubuntu member as a recognition for his efforts.

    Ubuntu As a new Ubuntu user and activist in the community, I was first introduced by Na3il, he kept an eye on me and helped me a lot, he's responsible, a great leader and a kind person, I strongly recommend accepting him as an Ubuntu member, not because it's a reward for his great work when it comes to FOSS but because I believe he can do more and better if you approve him.

    • - Mohamed Armaoui, Ubuntu-tn member & member of other F/OSS communities, 18-08-2015.

    Ubuntu Naeîl is one of my best friend and he participated actively in ubuntu-tn. He is an enthusiastic and passionate person, i'm so proud to see someone like him, I'm sure he deserve to be a Ubuntu Member.

    • - Mariam Hammouda, Ubuntu-tn MC Member, Ubuntu Member & Loco Council Member, 29-11-2015.

    Ubuntu I'm proud of calling Naeîl a friend and an extremely useful asset for our teams. He's proven being a nice translator for many wiki pages to more than one language, for the Lubuntu Global Team. He also cooperates with my Comms and Artwork Team, and he's always willing to help newbies in several IRC channels. He's also a believer in the Ubuntu philosophy, the spirit of helping the others, the brotherhood sharing ideas, and in personal matters, he's an awesome person that I'm glad to know. I highly recommend him for the Ubuntu Membership.

    • - Rafael Laguna, Lubuntu Artwork, Global (translation), Lubuntu Comms, Media Manager and Ubuntu Member, 29-11-2015.

    Ubuntu Naeîl has been great with his good nature and willingness to help with the ubuntu-africa group. The Ubuntu Africa wiki pages are thanks to his efforts and he is always willing to help anyone on #ubuntu-africa. From the contact we have had we have become friends and I feel that he is and will continue to be a great asset for Ubuntu so he has my full support in becoming a member.

    Ubuntu Naeîl is both a friend and a great guy for both helping others and advocacy in general. A simple example of this being that in a casual conversation with rafaellaguna he provided a full translation of a wiki page within a day! I cannot add too much more else to what has already been written except to say that as a Ubuntu member this advocacy can only grow stronger. I ask that the council look favourably on his record and grant him Ubuntu Membership.

    Ubuntu Naeil has been a great addition to the team since he has been collaborating with all departments of our internal structure, helping us out in all tasks. As Phill already mentioned, he also helped us enhance our list of available translations, thus allowing us to have more languages available for those who visit our pages. A great person that has been helping out Ubuntu grow, specially with the ubuntu LoCo he has been involved. The council must consider his membership!

    Ubuntu Na3iL is one of the most active members in Ubuntu-tn LoCo team. He's very smart and always try to help the LoCo to be more active, I can's add much more than what already said above by all those nice people. I just summarize, when you need someone to help/contribute → ping Na3iL

    • - El Achèche ANIS, Ubuntu Membership Board Member, Ubuntu-tn MC Member & Ubuntu Member, 02-12-2015.

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