Omar Sadeg

About me

  • GNU/Linux User since September 2007, I liked the philosophy of Free Software, and Ubuntu Philosophy from the first moment that I discovered them, and marveled by the dynamism of the community, I wanted to contribuate in any way.
  • I'm training in audio-visual, with the ambition of being, one day, a great director. I joined ubuntu-dz and I am a friend of ubuntu-tn members, and I'm also ambitious to do great things with them.


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  • My activities has grown more in real life than on the Internet, since I discovered GNU/Linux and Ubuntu, I decided to promote it wherever I go, I try as best as I can to convince people to try it, and install it.

I offer all the people I convinced to install Ubuntu a technical support, maintenance in case of problems, and I help them to learn and use it better, for free of course.

  • I participated to the GNU/Linux install party Second Edition, (and I helped the OpenMinds Club team as well as I could), in the Houary Boumedian Technology Sciences University in Bab Ezzouar, Algiers.

  • I animated a workshop about Audio-visual and graphics made on GNU/Linux sytems, on the GNU/Linux Install Party 2.
  • I installed Ubuntu on a big number of machines. Frequently in the University, on student PCs.
  • I participated to the first Ubuntu Global Jam Tunisia, in Hammam Sousse, on September 2011.

  • Animated conferences and presentations about freesoftware on Free and OpenSource Events :

On The Web


  • I participate actively on IRC channels to help users who search for help, I'm often present in #ubuntu-dz #ubuntu-tn, #ubuntu-ma and #linuxdz channels on Freenode.




  • Promote Free Software in Algeria and the Maghreb, his philosophy, and make it discover to most people.
  • Ensure that free software is no longer an alternative, but that proprietary software becomes the alternative.

  • Create an association to get to realize all that.
  • Create a real active communauty in the area.
  • Make a real and big free communauty on the Maghreb and work united with them.

Futur Projects

  • Make discover the Maghreban ancient culture by translating softwares into Berber languages.

    I am working with the High Commission for Amazigh to create words in Berber/Amazigh language in relation with computing to translate softwares and distributions like Ubuntu and LinuxMint into this language, because these words does not exist yet, and then, use them for the first time on FreeSoftwares (I'm proud by this idea).

  • Organise events and OpenDoors days to make people discover the FreeSoftware and the Human Being phylosophy.

  • Create a Festival, with the tunisians and morrocains, The Maghreban FreeSoftware Festival.


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