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About Me

My name is Omar. I am studying Computer Science "Faculty of Computers and Information - Cairo University" . I am in love with Algorithms and Data Structures , and I am a contestant in some online judges like Topcoder. I adore open source communities like Ubuntu.My favorite language is C++ and finally I am a GEEK of coding!.

My Master

starcraftman is my master. I'll try to do my best to follow his path. I really liked his progress and his skills, so I'll always work hardly to be like him someday (or maybe better :D).

Team Memberships

Ubuntu Speech Control Team.
Ubuntu SpeechControl Developers.
Ubuntu ProCogX : Game Engine developed by Daniel0108.

My Goals From The Short To The Long Term

  • Become a member in Ubuntu-development focus group.
  • Earn the Ubuntu Membership.
  • Make Ubuntu the first OS in my college.

My Favorite Quote(s)

  • " Don't Give The Same Input And Expect A Different Output " .

IRC Channels

I can be found in these channels:

  • #ubuntu-beginners-team

  • #speechcontrol


Nothing yet. =)

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