The Open University Ubuntu Users team is a centralised resource for all OU students who wish to use Ubuntu to run course software.

The team also maintains packages and documentation to assist its members.


DougieRichardson manages the team, we propose to have mailing list, forum and IRC support channels soon.

How to Contribute

There are several ways you can help:

  • Join! The more members the more influence on policy and the wider the experience available.
  • Put a link to the team's launchpad page in your FirstClass signature - promotion!

  • Report bugs and suggest features.

  • Add to the blueprint.

  • Contribute documentation to our pages.

We are also specifically seeking members with experience in the following:

  • Ubuntu desktop python development.
  • Ubuntu packaging.


Launchpad Membership Policy

The team's membership is moderated, only to avoid spamming - so if you're an OU student or staff member then please apply!

Sub-pages :


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