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About Me

I'm Nathan Heafner, im 25 years of age currently Living in North Carolina, USA. I started using Linux in 2003 when my Windows computer crashed and I wanted to try Linux because it was "Free". I started using PClinux then Debian and puppy Linux for a while. The fact that linux was free gave me the confidence to give it a try. I had nothing else to lose. After around 6 months of using Linux I made the full switch in 2004. I'm dedicated to expanding the Linux user-base, assisting with testing, promoting ideas on brainstorm, and building Linux oriented skills that are relevant in the current workplace.


Usually you'll find me somewhere in these channels:


  • #ubuntu
  • #debian-ubuntu


  • #ubuntu
  • #ubuntu-devel
  • #ubuntu-bugs
  • #ubuntu-testing
  • #ubuntu-docs
  • #Linux

and I'm usually idling/parked in other random channels.

Team Memberships

Ubuntu Involvement

I have been spreading the word of Ubuntu to friends and family for the past two years and hope to expand on this. I have been a long time advocate and can account for many new users from my local community. I have been beta testing for the majority of this time for personal enrichment and with some benefits back to the community. I am heavily involved with Launchpad Answers and assisting with documentation improvements. I like to assist users on Launchpad and enjoy answering questions. My Karma is currently around 7k + and I am working towards my goal for 2012 of 14k.

Recent Documentation Pages I've Assisted with Ubuntu Security Advice , Locale , Checking Your Ubuntu Version , Getting Answers



My roadmap for the near future includes:

  • Get into iso testing
  • Applying for Ubuntu Membership. UPDATE. I am scheduled for an upcoming meeting!
  • Increasing my involvement with the documentation team.


My availability changes often, but currently i'm generally available after 1 am EST. The best way to contact me is via email. Please use my launchpad page and use the "contact this user" link.


please add your Testimonials here.

Andy (ActionParsnip)

  • This guy has been around a long time and seems very active in Ubuntu and opensource projects in general. I believe he fits Ubuntu very well.

Olivier Delance

  • We are very gratefull for the work done in Launchpad. And he is of a very good help en installation issues, on which I worked also.

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