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My contribution to the Ubuntu Community

Support & Community

  • Ubuntu Forums Membership: Since 2006.
  • Launchpad Membership and signed CoC: Since 2007.
  • Ubuntu Forum Staff: I was a member of the forum moderation team for +/- 2-3 years and helped to regulate the smooth operation of the forums.
  • I was a member of the Absolute Beginners Team on Ubuntu Forums helping new users with Ubuntu.
  • I Frequently assist users throughout Ubuntu forums.

Development & Bug Reporting

Local Community

  • I have assisted several friends and relatives to make a switch to Ubuntu and continue to maintain their systems for them.
  • On several occasions I have recommended open source software, including Ubuntu at my places of work, in situations where I think they constitute viable alternatives to proprietary solutions.

Plans & Ideas for the Future

  • I would like to continue being an active member of the Ubuntu family and community.
  • My intention is continue spreading awareness about Ubuntu, and the Ubuntu eco-system, as a viable alternative platform.


  • Comments and messages from other community members are welcomed!

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