About Me

I started out as an electrical engineer and worked on electricity distribution and in the generation field. I remember doing some Fortran at college and having to wait a week for the results to come back! On paper. I got a job in a nuclear power station around 1980 but switched careers to office based in the mid eighties as shift work did not agree with me. I became a Management Services Engineer in charge of a Unisys work planning mini mainframe. I can still remember the ODT. It ran a distributed work planning system with about 80 terminals. A 20 meg hard drive was as big as a car gearbox. We used to code cobol, for management information, using a front end called Reporter to make it easier. Loved that job.

I'm a lover of blues and music of all kinds and have 4 guitars in my collection, one is a electro acoustic. I'm really into sci fi films of all kinds and I like thrillers.


I've been a member of Ubuntu Forums since July 2007. Having complained to a friend about Windows Millennium coming to end of life, and not wanting to use windows anymore, he gave me a spare hard drive and helped me install Feisty Fawn. The fun then began! I thought the beginners forum was full of experts not beginners. It seemed like a fairly steep learning curve but a good experience. The forums got me through with great support and a mine of information. I was a convert with conviction.

I set about trying to help others as best I could.

Ubuntu Forums

I try to help beginners to the Ubuntu Forums whenever I can, mostly in the Absolute Beginners and General forums. I also usually run the latest development version on my spare hard drive so I frequent the Testing and Discussion forum too.

I was very please when asked to become a member of the Forums staff in April 2010.


Found the IRC channel #ubuntuforums-beginners in 2009 thanks to bodhi.zazen. This enabled me to be talked through signing the Ubuntu CoC. I also help out in #ubuntu when I can.

Launchpad Bugs

I report bugs when I find them and encourage others to do the same.

Unanswered Posts

I usually have a look to see if there are any of these I can help. It can be frustrating for users when it seems to them that their threads seem to be ignored.

Goals & Aspirations

I promote linux/ubuntu whenever I can and have successfully converted family members and some friends.

Becoming an Ubuntu member was a nice milestone.


Please see this Ubuntu Membership application link.

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