notes area for non-pae 32 bit 3.13 building

The Initial Build

The build machine will have to be reinstalled periodically, so here is the 'from deleted' to alive steps so that I do not forget them!

Use the release ISO and do a clean install with it.

Once the network is running directly, I use ssh.

Feel to not install ssh-server part, but it does make doing things like scp much easier.

The Kernel

Why does a local build produce such enormous packages? Our build includes CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO in order to produce linux-debug-image packages. We then manually strip the modules after build.

If you re-use our config for your own build, your best bet is to change this line in the config:


# CONFIG_DEBUG_INFO is not set

# * 1 update the 32 bit desktop KVM

  • 2 cd /home/lubuntu/src
  • 2a rm -rf ./linux-3.13
  • 2b rm -rf *deb
  • 2c tar -xf linux_3.13.0.orig.tar.gz
  • 3 cp /boot/config-3.13 <old one> from the VM desktop onto /home/lubuntu/src/linux-3.13/.config

  • 4 make the edits discussed above
  • 5 cd ~src/linux-3.13
  • 6 make oldconfig (pull in the revised file)
  • 7 make menuconfig (add this to new one we're building)
  • 8 you will see this screen

  • 9 go down with the arrow keys until "Processor type and features" is highlighted as in the picture
  • 10 On that second page, again use the arrow keys to scroll down until you find the High Memory Support (64GB) as in this picture -

  • -- it is half way down the second page of options -- Choose the 4gb option rather then the 64 GB option -

  • 11 hit enter
  • 12 save your edit and then issue make -j3 deb-pkg LOCALVERSION=-non-pae

That will provide the header, firmware and image .deb files that are needed to install said kernel.

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