On the command line sudo makes it easy for admin users to temporarily increase privileges to allow admin tasks. There is nothing comparable in nautilus. A method escalating privileges in nautilus would make many admin tasks easier.

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Use cases

  • Niels wants to copy data from /var/cache/apt/archives/ one an ubuntu install that has the latest updates, to a freshly installed computer to save band width. He copys the files to CD, puts the CD in the second computer, and drags the files to the right folder in gnome. A dialog pops up explaining that he has insufficient priviliges, and offers him the chance to type in his password to gain priviliges.




I think this would be best done at the Gnome VFS level. That way it could be used in other applications, eg when a user tries to save an edit to a system file, they get asked for thier password.

  • "This can now happen/ is possible with gio/gvfs --Johne"


Data preservation and migration

Outstanding issues

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