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Genupula Raja Sekhar Reddy

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Current Ubuntu/Linux Version

Ubuntu 12.04.5 LTS (Precise Pangolin)

About Me

My name is G.raja sekhar reddy. I'm from India. My nick "genupulas" in IRC! I was introduced to Ubuntu from Linux for you magazine . I started out with Ubuntu Jaunty Jackalope, so, Windows is no longer running on my machines!. I love Linux as it is open source ,free of cost & great community support.

I'm Available (GMT +5:30)


Interests in Ubuntu

Forums, Bug Triaging and Packaging (Have to start on the latter two yet and I've attended ubuntu open week and ubuntu developer week sessions on the same)

Ubuntu Participation

I am active on the forums at present but going forward I would like to contribute actively on bug triaging and packaging facets of the community.

Currently Mentored to gain Membership

  1. BeginnersTeam by Bhavani Shankar

Internet Relay Chat(IRC)

My registered IRC nickname is genupulas. I am looking forward to getting to know the Ubuntu community members and learn from them, better through this medium. I am usually present in the following channels:

  1. #ubuntu-beginners
  2. #ubuntu-beginners-team
  3. #ubuntu
  4. #ubuntu+1
  5. #ubuntu-youth
  6. #ubuntuorums

Goals For The Future

My goals set for the time being are:

  1. To join the BugSquad and contribute in triaging.

  2. To learn the basics of programming, web development.
  3. To share my knowledge in Ubuntu to new comers.
  4. To contribute back to Debian. [Long Term Goal!]

My Activities

Now I am doing my contribution to Ubuntu with

  • Ubuntu Forums : I am helping with the little stuff i know.

    AskUbuntu : here also i am doing my contribution to Ubuntu and I am doing Package merging and Translations with Launchpad.

  • So while coming to My professiosn as a Lecturer of part-time in a Engineering college along with my studies of masters , i am suggesting my students to use Ubuntu and explaining them what we can do with Ubuntu and how much easier it is than Microsoft and i have installed Ubuntu in my students PC,Laptops and in my College PC's and explaining them what we can do with Ubuntu .When they have got some issues with Ubuntu and i am helping them to solve it .


Ubuntu Forums Membership

Bhavani Shankar

Having known Raju personally, All I can say that is he is a helpful nice guy and having a look around in forums I think he has shown that. A dedicated hardworking man and I endorse his application:) good luck Raju Smile :)

Joel Leclerc

Raja was the best guy I've ever had working on a project. He has helped me so much with organizing and working with the project, and without him, most of the project I'm working on now would either not exist, or would be horrible. I know he is fully worthy of becoming an Ubuntu Member. So +1! Smile :)

Michael Parks

Raja has been a great help in all the projects I have worked with him on, and has shown much help in the Ubuntu Forums. I fully support his application to become an Ubuntu Member. +1! -ubudog

Raja is really active in forums and he is eager to help the testing team. He installed 12.04 in his machine to test when I was tracking the issues and learning about Oneiric. He is real awesome guy and I vouch for him for the Ubuntu Membership - Mohi


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