About Me

I am a student aged 18 years. I recently got interested in the idea of Free and Open Source Softwares and have been looking for a chance to contribute to the community. I'm studying Computer Science and Engineering and would like to the make the most of my knowledge and contribute to the society. I'm interested mainly in Operating Systems though I'd be starting small.

I'm also playing a small role in spreading the word around and motivating people to use and explore the vast variety of FOSS products. I myself made the switch pretty recently but ever since have been fascinated by the FOSS world and am relentlessly looking for FOSS alternatives to all the popular properietary softwares.


  • Inform people about Ubuntu and motivate them to try it.
  • I am a member of the BugSquad and 5-A-Day and am trying my best to help make Ubuntu "Bug-Free".


  • None so far. Hoping to change this very soon

Future Goals

  • Be a part of the Ubuntu Mentor program and learn enough to be a 'Mentor' someday
  • Be a part of one of the Ubuntu Core Teams.
  • Develop more softwares addressing the need of the people.
  • Help sort out bugs and learn in the process.

Contact Information

BugSquad Mentorship Program

Area of interest


Time zone

UTC/GMT + 5:30

Time available to triage

0300 - 0600 UTC/GMT (it can change sometimes)


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