About me

  • 39 years old, English, and residing in St. John's, NL, Canada.
  • Currently working for a Telecommunications Company, managing Service Delivery team.
  • I am a Linux user since '93. I have used Slackware, Debian, Red Hat, Mandrake (Mandriva), Gentoo and now Kubuntu.
  • I have successfully switched many of my non-techie friends and family to Kubuntu, and now I am also running Kubuntu on the desktop and Ubuntu Server for some firewall and server needs.
  • I recently was involved in maintaining an overlay for Gentoo regarding special desktop enhancements and effects, some of which Kubuntu has recently integrated. The overlay was called Xeffects, and had many enhancements.
  • I am a Kubuntu Member since October, 2008, having been approved as a direct result of my help in updating packages necessary for the Intrepid Ibex release.

  • Here's my MOTU interview, which I achieved status of on March 13th, 2009.

  • I am also a current member of the Kubuntu Council (July, 2009)


  • Reading anything Sci-Fi (mostly Star-Trek and Stargate (original and Atlantis)).
  • Photography (I have a Canon Rebel Xt DSLR).
  • Filmography (Have helped work on two local short films)


Ubuntu activity

Packages activity

  • Current packages I have updated/added can be found here

  • I also am working on KPackageKit for Kubuntu and have helped draft a new specification for an Application Framework

  • Recently completed porting and packaging a KDE front-end for USB Creator.



  • Join the Kubuntu Members [completed].
  • Become a MOTU [completed]: MOTU Application is here

  • Become a Core-Dev [in progress]: somewhere down the road...
  • Work on things to help Kubuntu catch up with Ubuntu [see my UDS Jaunty TODO list for past items, and for Karmic, see: USB Creator.

  • Backport missing or important features from KDE trunk where plausible.
  • File upstream bugs/wishlist items in KDE for things which are missing, broken and/or inconsistent [KDE TODO list].

Odds 'n Ends

I am currently investigating how to build a cluster for a project at my current place of employment. I have had various discussions with friends, former collegues, and some great people in #ubuntu-server. Thanks to Ted Coady, stgraber and ivoks for your valuable input.

Now that I have a better understanding on what I require and limitations/costs of various solutions, I have begun to piece together a solution. I have started a spec page for the solution, mostly so I don't lose it and secondly that it may provide useful to someone else down the road. I have also started a page for keeping track of some useful notes for my server install.


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