Who is Ryan Schafer (rhosigma)

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Contact Information
E-Mail: <rhosigma@gmail.com>
Launchpad ID: LP/~rhosigma
IRC: rhosigma on Freenode
Local Team: Virginia
Yahoo Messenger: rhosigma
Google Messenger: rhosigma@gmail.com

Lead ADMINISTRATOR for the Virginia LoCo Team
-I am currently employed as a contractor for the US Navy. I work for a command of approximately 150 people as their Computer Systems Analyst. I'm basically the residential computer geek
-I am a "computer geek" at heart. Linux and Windows user who started with Ubuntu during Gutsy. Previously I have used distributions of Red Hat and SuSe I am always at my computer (when I'm not working) just playing around and learning all I can through forums, blogs, IRC, etc.


-Active administrator of the Virginia LoCo Team.
-Ubuntero on Launchpad https://launchpad.net/~rhosigma


-Educate and setup new Ubuntu users.
-Posting to forums, bug reporting, testing, and wiki editing.
-Actively taking part as the Hampton Roads/Norfolk representative for the Virginia LoCo Team.
-Distributing CD's in the Hampton Roads/Norfolk area of Virginia.
-Acting administrator for the Virginia LoCo Team.

Future Goals

-Resurrect the Virginia LoCo Team.
-Hold and moderate regular Virginia LoCo Team IRC meetings.
-Recruit new members to the Virginia LoCo Team.
-Interview and assign regional representatives for each Virginia region.

Ubuntu Tutorials
VirginiaTeam Wiki
Launchpad Virginia LoCo


From [TravisNewman]- (For the record, I am a moderator on the Ubuntu Forums, co-lead on the Virginia LoCo Team, and an Ubuntu Member) rhosigma, as a regional representative for the VA LoCo, has been instrumental in getting the Virginia LoCo team back up and running after a long hiatus. Among many other things he has designed our logo and has shown skill with wiki editing. He is motivated to help and spread Ubuntu to the community, and I think he would be a great candidate for membership.

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