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The Ubuntu Counter Project - user number # 34435

I was in Retail Sales for 27 years and Commercial Development for 5 years. The Retail Management position was as a Store Manager and therefore I basically had all the networking between the Northwest locations and corporate to administer.

I had to facilitate all the Computer and Peripherals installed in all locations and most of the training that went along with that. We used UNIX based servers for most of the corporate communications however the stores utilised Windows PC's to create e-mail from store to store and office functions.

I started with computers and owned an ACE Franklin DOS machine back in the day. . I was first introduced to windows using 3.11 and I don't know if anyone can remember "Microsoft Bob" or not but I had a copy ot that OS at one time.

One thing has lead to another. Building PC's and repairing them.

I've been the route using Xandros, Suse, Fedora, Red Hat, Pinguy, Mint, Debian, Mandriva and Gentoo. I'm DONE.

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Involved in Ubuntu Forums as well as LinuxMint Community.

I build PC's for a hobby, for the family, for my neighbours and if I can make a couple of bucks doing it then I will for anyone with cash. I also install the OS and do training on the side. I choose to install Ubuntu spin offs like Pinguy or Mint because of less configuration issues.

Future Goals

Promote Ubuntu and Libre Applications Returning to school to learn and develop Security within the Linux OS


My projects

  • • Linux Mint Community

    • Spread the word about MintLinux • PNW LoCo • Customising Ubuntu

My interests:

  • • Free Software • Linux kernel internals • UNIX-based operating systems • Application development (and everything around it) • Usability, HCI and Interface design • Power Management • Storage technologies and Cloud computing • Security and cryptography

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