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Create a list of preferred translations for specific words per language to make it easier to have consistency among packages in translations.


Packages in Ubuntu should be consistent in every aspect possible. The decentralized nature of Rosetta allows more to be translated, but it makes it very hard to keep common terms consistent across packages (and sometimes in the same package). It's a frequent practice for translation groups to have a list preferred translations for a specific word, and it would would make sense to have these available in Rosetta, and automatically presented when the word comes up. This would make any random user passing by and translating a few strings much more productive and better quality, and would solve many problems between variations of the language in different countries.

Use Cases

  • John is new to the Ubuntu community, lands on Rosetta and decides to translate a few strings. Suggestions for specific words will guide him and give him more confidence.
  • Matt is a regular translator but doesn't remember how he translated a specific term a few months ago, suggestions would serve as a reminder (gnome/kde menus are a good example, not everyone knows what "Preferences" translates into on the actual menu).
  • A new package is imported and has many inconsistencies, suggestions would make reviewing it much easier.


  • An interface per language should be created for the translation team to add preferred translations (word in english > word in language)

  • Rights management should be the same as translations (open, moderated and restricted)


UI Changes

  • A list of preferred terms should appear on the row that contain words specified in the list (or maybe on the page?)

Outstanding Issues

  • How to prevent abuse/misuse (think adding "a" to the list)

Translations should be searchable

Translate Specific String

BoF agenda and discussion


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