About Me

My first experience with Ubuntu was in 2005 when having trouble running a computer simulation under Windows. I translated the source code to Linux platform and installed Ubuntu on the server, and everything just goes so sweet. Everything worked as expected, software installation was a breeze, and most importantly, configuration was simple and clear for mortals. Since then, I could not move my eyes from this great distribution, and my life has changed.

Currently I am working as software engineer in Shanghai, China. The nature of the job has nothing to do with my previous education, but more related to *nix. Thanks to Ubuntu, I am very happy with my job.


Email: <<MailTo (roylzuo AT SPAMFREE gmail DOT com)>>
Forum: roylez @ IRC: roylez ( - #ubuntu-cn
Location: Shanghai, China (UTC +800)

Summary of contributions to Ubuntu

  • Promote Ubuntu China LoCo.

  • Translate articles in Ubuntu China Wiki.

  • Moderate articles and coordinate forum affairs on Ubuntu China Forum.

  • Provide support to end users in channel #ubuntu-cn @ freenode.
  • Successfully hosted a computational workshops in Biomolecular Modeling Retreat to more than 50 audiences utilizing tailor-made Ubuntu Live CDs.

Things I am proud of

  • I am most well-known for my terminal configurations1,2], which aim to provide best readability in Xterm and RXVT-unicode when Chinese text is displayed. My configure file ranks No. 1 in google search of "Xresources github".

  • I was the first to introduce zsh to Ubuntu China Forum.

  • I was the first to introduce GNU screen to Ubuntu China Forum.

  • I was the first to introduce andLinux to Ubuntu China Forum.

  • I successfully transformed at least 5 of my friends ( not my friends in IRC channels Smile :) ) to faithful Ubuntu users.

Future Plans

  • Continue to promote Ubuntu LoCo.

  • Continue to provide localized support, both in forum and in IRC channel.
  • Seek opportunities to deploy Ubuntu based production environment for Enterprise uses.
  • Continue to improve for Chinese typeset displaying in terminal programs.



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