About Me

I'm Rudra Saraswat. I'm an official Ubuntu Member and the creator and project lead of Ubuntu Unity Remix, Ubuntu Web Remix and UbuntuEd Remix.

I study in Grade 8 of Delhi Public School, Bangalore East, Bengaluru, India and am 12 years old. I’m a Linux enthusiast and am passionate about Open Source.

I've been using Ubuntu since 2017 and have been active on Ubuntu Discourse (Ubuntu Community Hub) since July 2019. I like to develop Linux distributions, either from scratch or based on distributions like Debian and Ubuntu. I created Ubuntu Unity Remix in May 2020, and have been maintaining the project ever since. The project now has a good following and has received good reviews as well. I'm on the Unity7 Maintainers team and have created a debugging tool for Unity7 (called Devunity). I also created UbuntuEd Remix, an educational spin of Ubuntu for students ranging from pre-school to university level. This aims to fill the gap left by the discontinued Edubuntu flavour. I've created i386-arm, that sets up an emulated Debian i386 (Stretch) environment on an ARM computer/SBC.

I like to develop operating systems in C and Assembly. I’m an Android App Developer (native Java & XML), and love BASH scripting and coding in C# and C. I do some web development too and love video/photo editing with Kdenlive and Krita.

Contact Information


rs2009 on


<rs2009 AT ubuntu DOT com>











Ubuntu Community Hub/Ubuntu Discourse




UbuntuEd Remix

Raspberry Pi

  • I've created i386-arm, that sets up an emulated Debian i386 (Stretch) environment on an ARM computer/SBC. It is tested on Raspberry Pi 4B, but may also work on a Mac computer using Apple Silicon with an ARM Debian VM running on it.

Ubuntu Community Hub/Ubuntu Discourse

  • I've been active on Ubuntu Discourse since July 2019.
  • I'm a 'Regular' (trust level 3) on Ubuntu Discourse. There are 5 trust levels, from 0 ('new') to 4 ('leader').


  • I've helped many people who ask for help on the BugSquad mailing list.

  • I've reported and triaged many bugs on Launchpad.


  • I have 276 karma on Launchpad.
  • I've reported and triaged many bugs on Launchpad (as part of the BugSquad).

Ubuntu Cinnamon

  • Contributed in making the Ubuntu Cinnamon website (was a part of the Ubuntu Cinnamon Web Development team).
  • Suggested using pipelines for ISO builds, which they now use.

Ubuntu Lumina (now ArisAnywhere)

  • I've helped in fixing ISO issues with their PPA.

External Projects

  • Created fixer, a tool which fetches fixes (scripts) from a server and applies the fetched fix.

  • Made operating systems in C and Assembly (please check my GitHub profile for the same).

Future Goals

  • I plan to complete my own Unix-like kernel. It is in the works.
  • Get better at packaging and PPAs.
  • Learn how to say 'no'.


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Since the first time I've met Rudra, I'll say that he's definitely matured a lot. But I'm glad that what he did eventually and later on has became a true miracle. He later would learn and take the responsibilities of others, help others, and learn what to do and what not to do by following policies. Considering there is some stuff I never really liked about him, it doesn't matter anymore due to his change. As a young developer aswell, showing the amazingness of what can be done by anyone regardless of age is wonderful. I would say an absolute yes. I wish him well and look forward to working with him in the future. -- itzswirlz 2020-09-29 17:01:35

When i joined the Ubuntu Unity project i was surprised to find such a kind and very gifted young man behind it. Rudra is one of the most talented people i met on the web, don't let his age fool you, his approach is on a professional level and even i can learn a lot from him. He is also someone who takes the thought behind Ubuntu and the CoC very seriously and even puts it into practice, showing others and even me how to live by it. Rudra is confident in all he does and goes for it more than 100%. 'I can't do it' doesn't exist in his book, he's always trying to find a way to make things work and helps others with their issues. Rudra has my support for his Ubuntu Unity project and on becoming a Ubuntu Member. I wish him good luck and will keep supporting him. -- maik-adamietz 2020-09-30 19:24:11

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