About Me

I am semi retired from the auto industry. Well I started using ubuntu and linux distros about 12 years ago. It began as more of a challenge then than a preference then, but as I became more familiar and comfortable it quickly became a passion and my main OS of choice. And for over 7 years now my only OS.
Some of the distros I have used are Novel Suse, Red Hat, Mandriva, Debian (Pure), Gentoo, and Arch.

Hobbies and Interests

Well of course my family first, computers, travel, philosophy, literature, science, and the great outdoors mostly warm weather activity's.
Love older movies, and very passionate about my music.


I joined Ubuntu Forums in 2005 as a spectator for a bit, just to get a feel for the forum. Well it came to be that I fell in love with this community and made myself at home.
I started in the development (testing) forums which at that time kept me pretty busy in itself then I ventured out to the other venue's New to Ubuntu, General Help, DE and when I can Programming Talk.
And as any non-technical user I had to work and read hard, now I love to help others as others have helped me.

Future Goals

I want to continue my personal growth with Linux and Ubuntu and again helping others along the way. My Feelings are I have to give to get. With everyone that I have helped I have also had the pleasure of learning.
I think Mark S has given us a great OS, Community, and leads with great experience.


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