Me, Myself, and I

Hi, I am Sam Cater, otherwise known as sacater, or sacatermeister. I am 14 years old and live in Ipswich, Suffolk, GB. I have signed the Code of Conduct with GPG and I am an Ubuntero.



sacater [] My channel is #sacater





If you are reading this as part of my Ubuntu Membership application. This is the second time I have applied for Membership. At the meeting on April 17th, my contribution was recognised, but not classified as sustained, and told to re-apply when my contributions have been spanned across a greater period of time. It's about a month later, and since the last meeting/application I have done a great deal more.

* I have made even more contributions to Ubuntu Q+A on Launchpad, with a even more people satisfied.

* Helped some more in #ubuntu

* Help improve Ubuntu :P

I was first introduced to Ubuntu/Linux by welp(Peter Weller), a Gentoo developer. He had ordered some free CD's and let me have one or two. I couldn't get things to work very well at first, but things soon became clear and easy. Since then I have used nothing but Ubuntu, and completely removed windows from my machines. I have been using it for over a year now, and find it the best OS I have ever used. Not only because of its community, but the freedom of Open Source. I have been helping in the community properly for about 4 months.

Here are one or two facts about me...

  • Ubuntu Ubuntu user since the Breezy Badger release
    Ubuntu Ubuntu Beta tester (Get the beta on my laptop :D)
    Ubuntu Contribute in #ubuntu
    Ubuntu Work heavily with Questions and Answers on Launchpad
    Ubuntu Ubuntu Bugsquad (triage + report bugs)
    Ubuntu Launchpad Beta tester
    Ubuntu Sponsoree of Universe package (Tea: text editor)
    Ubuntu Currently on the Top-Contributors page.
    Ubuntu Working towards MOTU status under LaserJock (Jordan Mantha)

My plans and ideas for Ubuntu in the near and far future

At the moment I only have two plans for Ubuntu, and I am already working on one.

My active plan is to bridge gaps between other Linux distrobutions. Some people see Ubuntu as a 'light hearted and cuddly-friendly' Linux distro. IT IS NOT, it is just more user-friendly than others, Gentoo seem to do this a bit, and I wish for everyone to understand that no distro is better than another, just different. I myself like the need of technical know-how to use Gentoo well, while I also love Ubuntu for the warm-hearted community feel :D. Scratch the surface of an Ubuntu OS and the hardcore coding is right in front of you :P

My second plan is to hopefully make dual-booting systems easier to use and understand, there have been numerous bug reports and rumors that installing Ubuntu on a second HDD or partition, affects their windows installation, expecially if the windows drive is mounted, and an Ubuntu upgrade is made.

My third plan is to make a graphical interface to edit grubs menu.lst file. Making it easier for newer users to configure their dual-boot system.

My contributions to Ubuntu

I have contributed to Ubuntu in a few different ways. I spend much of my spare time in #ubuntu and #ubuntu-motu. Both helping out and learning whenever and wherever I can. I even got +u status on, as I am eager to help in so many different aspects of Ubuntu. I always follow the Code of Conduct when I help others.

A huge chunk of my work is answering Questions about Ubuntu and related software in Launchpad. I always try to answer Questions as fully as possible, its good to see a star next to your answer :P

In the way of packaging, I have only made changes to one package, which is the 'Tea' Text Editor'. For that package I added a new .desktop file, edited the changelog and control file, before building the sources, and presenting the debdiff to my universe sponsor, LaserJock(Jordan Mantha). Who uploaded it to the repositories. (I am more of a 'helping-out' person, than a packager at this point in time). Smile :)

I also try and do my bit in Bug triaging and reporting.

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