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About Me

I discovered Ubuntu after fighting off a multitude of virus infections, which ended up in tonnes of lost data. Unable to find the original key for Windows, and finding my recovery partition infected as well, I decided to look for an alternative to Windows.

I found Ubuntu first, at version 6.04. Back then, I had one of those highly-unsupported and garbage sis video cards. As a result, Xorg and I fought a lot. Eventually, I went back to Windows. I came back at version 8.04 with a new laptop, curious about how Ubuntu has progressed, and eager to give it a second try. Since then, I've been on the forums.

I also run Ubuntu on my computers at home (dual boot), and on all my servers with Ubuntu Cloud, other than the FreeBSD Gateway.

Professional Work

I work as a Audio/Video production specialist at an undisclosed company due to work contracts.

Formerly worked for a datacenter, but was highly unsatisfied with the work times, and left after moving to Los Angeles.


  • Ubuntu Bug Reporting

    Ubuntu Providing Assistance on IRC Chatrooms

    Ubuntu Helping users at the Ubuntu Forums

    Ubuntu Proposing Ideas at Ubuntu Brainstorm

My main contributions have been in the Ubuntu Forums, where I offer friendly advice, mainly to newbies. I also formerly developed the now-defunct Adobe Flash Tools in the forums.

Occasionally, when I do get ideas, I propose them into Ubuntu Brainstorm.

I also eat tonnes of spam posts, and report posts to be moved.

Future Goals

  • Ubuntu I am planning to continue using Ubuntu on my server equipment, and participate on the Ubuntu Forums.

    Ubuntu Create a video promoting Ubuntu. (In Progress)


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I have worked with Sandyd on IRC and the forums. Her great sense of humor and in depth knowledge of systems make her a wonderful person to work with. I'm honored to have the priveledge to pick her brain for any questions I might have.

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