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About Me

My name is Sam Stoddard and I'm currently a resident of Saint Louis Missouri. I go to Lindbergh High School and I take college classes online. During the summer I take classes at Truman State University in Kirksville. I'm fluent in English, French, and Bulgarian (as well as Python, Java, Javascript, C++, and HTML). I love to travel and learn new things, observing other cultures is definitely a passion of mine. I enjoy reading, be it fiction, non-fiction or an Ubuntu Newsletter/Guide.

I first discovered Linux in June of 2007, It was my first year at Truman State during the summer, and I was taking advanced programming in Java. My Professor was a true Linux advocate and a user of Debian. He preached Linux to the class while we were learning Java, and at the end of the summer, he gave every student a copy of Debian to try when they got to a home computer. From then on I went to discover other Linux distros, eventually landing on Ubuntu. My first release of Ubuntu ever was 8.04, I loved it and never could use a different Linux Distro if I tried. It took me almost a year to realize that not only was Ubuntu a great operating system, it also had a great community as well. I first joined the Ubuntu Forums, where people made me feel at home, answering questions I had, and to my surprise, asking questions I knew the answer to. I love helping others and I think the Ubuntu community is one of the best ways out there for me to help educate others.

Team Memberships

The teams I'm a member of:

My Contributions to the Ubuntu Community

At the moment I don't have any major contributions to the Ubuntu Community other than the occasional bug report here and there. I mainly focus on studying Ubuntu and Linux and conveying my knowledge to those who need it.

Current Project & Goals

  • My main project for the time is aiding Ubuntu Beginners with the Ubuntu UbuntuBeginnersTeam.

  • As always, I work very hard to help out the Ubuntu Community. I'm very active on the Ubuntu Ubuntu IRC and Ubuntu Ubuntu Forums trying to answer as many questions as possible.

  • I'm also a very big tutorial and tool junkie, I'm skilled in Python, Java, Javascript, and C++ (and HTML if that counts). I've been working hard on coding and writing small tools that can make everyday desktop use easier and faster. I also spend many hours writing tutorials for beginning Ubuntu users, many of which are still in draft state.
  • I'm always adding to the Ubuntu-Docs, and Ubuntu-Wiki... Some pages I've created from the ground up are:

Future Plans & Projects

To continue to make myself available to assist anyone and everyone I can, learn how to better use Opensource software, be an upstanding member of the Ubuntu Community, and further the Opensource mission.

Fun Stuff

Random Quote:

Do not believe what your teacher tells you merely out of respect for the teacher. But after due examination and analysis, you find to be to the good, the benefit, the welfare of all beings - that doctrine believe and cling to, and take it as your guide. - Gautama Buddha

Top ten used programs:

Links I Find Useful:

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