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SeanCarl Grech

Day of Birth

21st November 1989





English, Maltese, Italian



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About Me

  • Name: SeanCarl Grech

  • Location: Malta, Europe
  • ICT Manager @ AquaBioTech Group

  • BTEC National Diploma in Computing & ICT Support

  • Advanced-Level in ICT and Graphical Communication

I've been using ubuntu since 7.10 Desktop was released. Now I distribute Ubuntu CDs and promote Ubuntu. I offer free support for Ubuntu users in Malta. I'm helping out other users on I create wallpapers in order to share with other Ubuntu users. I'm also spending some time translating to Maltese. I've started the Malta LoCo team, joined

My Contributions

  • Distribution of original and copied Ubuntu CDs around Malta
  • Provide Ubuntu CDs to various shops in order to distribute with new systems
  • Promoting Ubuntu in Malta
  • Buy Ubuntu Stuff from Canonical store for Maltese Ubuntu users (not for profit)
  • Creating Ubuntu related artwork to share with other ubuntu users (see MaltaSceneryWallpapers here)

  • Starting up of LoCoTeam for Malta ([[| Malta LoCo Team Page)

  • Help other users on
  • I'm part of (

  • Translating Ubuntu to Maltese

Plans for the future

  1. Introduce Ubuntu to major computer sellers in Malta in order to distribute Ubuntu with new systems
  2. Run more install fests
  3. Introduce Ubuntu to offices and schools
  4. Host an Ubuntu (2U rack mountable) server for Gaming, FTP and Web Hosting purposes
  5. Building up a successful Maltese Ubuntu team
  6. Starting a computer recycling program in Malta, in order to install ubuntu on them and donate them to families in need. (already started collecting..)
  7. Print t-shirts for Maltese Ubuntu users (Maltese version)
  8. Make much more translations to Maltese
  9. Make a Maltese Ubuntu CD
  10. Organize more Ubuntu meetings in Malta


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