shadeslayer Name: Rohan Garg Location: Gurgaon, India Email: <> Launchpad Profile: Rohan Garg IRC: shadeslayer at Freenode Twitter: @rohangarg @shadeslayer Ubuntu Forums Profile: shadeslayer

About Me

Hi I'm Rohan Garg and I'm currently working with Blue Systems to improve KDE and Kubuntu.
Im known on the irc as shadeslayer,feel free to poke me anytime Wink ;)
My LP page :

Team Memberships

Bug Squad

Bug Squad I'm part of the Bug Squad and help triage bugs as often as possible.

K/Ubuntu Support

Ubuntu I have been providing support for K/Ubuntu Users via the IRC on various channels mentioned below.I try to solve the problems by troubleshooting the errors and providing more info as to whats going wrong with the user's system. If it is a packaging problem,I try to provide them with packages from my PPA to verify if the problem has been resolved upstream.
Ubuntu Support through Launchpad Answers : shows a list of my contributions to launchpad answers.

Development Contributions


Ubuntu Primarily help with maintaining the KDE packageset in Kubuntu among minor fixes in other places of the archive.

KDE Development

Ubuntu Worked on adding new features to KDE Telepathy
Ubuntu Working on porting Phonon GStreamer to GStreamer 1.0


I lurk in the following channels on Freenode #launchpad #ubuntu+1 #ubuntu-bugs #ubuntu-classroom #ubuntu-classroom-backstage #ubuntu-classroom-chat #kubuntu-devel #ubuntu-devel #ubuntu-in #ubuntu-learning #ubuntu-packaging #ubuntu-meeting #ubuntu-motu #kde #ubuntu-learning #kubuntu #kubuntu-offtopic


Ubuntu When Rohan first appeared in the Ubuntu IRC community, he was a problem user. The reason I mention this is to put in to perspective how much he has understood what Ubuntu expects of it's members and changed his behaviour to match. Rohan has been the model of an IRC member, provided solid contirbution under the nickname shadeslayer and used his contributions outside of IRC to further other user. I really feel that Rohan has understood what Ubuntu is about as a technology and a community and altered his behaviour to get the best out of both. I've seen sustained effort and contribution on multiple fronts and feel membership would be a good reward and inspiration to achieve further. Ikonia Matt-Darcy

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