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Who I am

I'm Simos Xenitellis, member of the Ubuntu-gr (Greece) team and localisation contributor for the Greek language. My academic background is in Computer Science. I have been involved in FOSS localisation for the last ten years.

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Future Plans

  • Keep promoting free and open-source software through the Ubuntu-gr community activities.

  • Help more Ubuntu-gr members qualify and apply to become Ubuntu members.
  • Complete the Greek localisation of Ubuntu packages that are maintained within Launchpad.


Simos is actively contributing in the Greek Ubuntu and GNOME team for many years. He has been helping many Ubuntu users with his answers and making good work with promoting Ubuntu and GNOME. --Fotis Tsamis

I would say Simos is our team's rock star Smile :) He has been helping out with the Greek LoCo since I can remember, doing i18n, l10n bug triage for Ubuntu+GNOME, translations, user support in mailing list and forum, participating in i18n-l10n workshops and presentations in conferences in Greece and abroad and the list goes on.. Another great skill of his is to spot worrying team member behaviors and resolving them early, before the become a bigger problem. --Thanos Lefteris

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Simos is contributing for many years in various open source projects, and he is is one of the most influential members in the Greek open source community.

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Simos is one of the founding members of ubuntu-gr LoCo team. He is activelly contributing to issues releated with greek localization and greek language support in Gnome and Ubuntu for many years. He has also contributed to the greek and greek politonic keyboard layout. Simos is also an enthusiast free software and ubuntu supporter and promoter. --Konstantinos Togias

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