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About Me

I am called many things. Lately people call me "professor" as I seem to wind up in classrooms teaching about computer and information systems. You’ll need to make your own decision as to what/who I am.

The Undiscovered Country: The Now

  • Ubuntu proprietor of Erie Looking Productions

    Ubuntu duly-licensed amateur radio operator holding call sign KC8BFI

    Ubuntu member of Ubuntu Members since 2012-03-15

    Ubuntu member of the Not Canonical group where I note I am not employed by Canonical

    Ubuntu member of Xubuntu Documentation team who is occasionally active and sometimes remembers to participate in meetings but does not have as many pull requests submitted compared to the past

    Ubuntu member of Ubuntu BugSquad team in spirit if not in output

    Ubuntu currently hosting sites via Netlify and Github Pages

That Foreign Country: The Past

  • Ubuntu Graduated from the Emergency Management and Planning Administration program at Lakeland Community College in December 2017

    Ubuntu Leader for Ubuntu Ohio as from 2013-04-07 until 2014-12-30

    Ubuntu Councilor for the LoCo Council from 2013-10-07 until 2015-05-11

    Ubuntu active and contributing member of Xubuntu Documentation team

    Ubuntu former member of Xubuntu Team leadership group

    Ubuntu former member of Xubuntu Bugs overwatch

    Ubuntu listowner for PNLA-L for 4 years and 6 months without anybody noticing that I was the listowner

    Ubuntu researching Outernet (now Othernet) for external evaluation

    Ubuntu employed by part of the United States Government most recently 2013-12-13 to 2019-10-02

    Ubuntu Previously utilized Digital Ocean for cloud hosting

    Ubuntu preacher posting filmed church services to YouTube

Wishful Thinking: Matters I Wish To Undertake

Planning? What's that? I honestly have no clue where things are going lately. Did I have any inkling of a notion that I would be ending 2022 as a community college adjunct professor teaching an introductory computer and information systems class? No, not at all. Yet here we are!

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