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About Me

Outside computing I am an Amateur Radio operator. When it comes to speaking languages other than English, I may be best considered a lapsed French speaker as my fluency is not what it once was. I am an avid Science Fiction reader who enjoys works published by Baen. I also advocate the revival in use of UUCP & FidoNet. Occasionally one could consider me a "writer" though my current job tries extremely hard to make me not have any sort of life outside the job. As a consequence of the pressures of my job, my presence on IRC has effectively terminated so reaching me via electronic mail is best.

I served previously as the Head Writer at Erie Looking Productions and presented The Burning Circle, the podcast of Ubuntu Ohio. The podcast had over one hundred episodes during its run though not all are archived. Outside the Ubuntu realm I presented for six years starting in December 2007 LISTen: An Podcast which dealt with more general issues in the realm of library and information science. Both podcasts were rather abruptly terminated as of December 16, 2013.

I am a homeowner nowadays and this is a strange thing. Being landlord to my parents is even stranger still.

I have been an Ubuntu Member since March 15, 2012.

The Undiscovered Country: The Now

  • Ubuntu employed by part of the United States Government (not 18F like the cool people)

    Ubuntu duly-licensed amateur radio operator holding call sign KC8BFI

    Ubuntu member of Ubuntu Members since 2012-03-15

    Ubuntu member of the Not Canonical group where I note I am not employed by Canonical

    Ubuntu member of Xubuntu Documentation team in spirit if not in output

    Ubuntu member of Ubuntu BugSquad team in spirit if not in output

    Ubuntu currently starting to write up my research on what is now "Othernet"

    Ubuntu currently building up server capacities on Digital Ocean to serve my own needs

That Foreign Country: The Past

Wishful Thinking: Matters I Wish To Undertake

  • Ubuntu Systems consolidation

    Ubuntu Try to actually learn LaTeX and not "cargo-cult" it

    Ubuntu Hardening comms links

    Ubuntu Moving to the Caribbean

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