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Stephen Michael Kellat

Current Platform Versions

Xubuntu 14.04 (x86 netbook) / Debian Testing (BeagleBoard-xM), Raspbian (Raspberry Pi Model B), iOS 6.1.5 (iPod Touch), Windows Phone 8 (Nokia Lumia 520)

About Me

I am the Point of Contact & Leader for Ubuntu Ohio as from April 7, 2013. Currently a Delegation of Authority is in effect due to my securing employment where the employer has imposed rather harsh terms of employment. The role of Point of Contact is effectively "in commission", as put in British parliamentary terms, for the moment.

Beyond that recent change in role I serve as the Head Writer at Erie Looking Productions and present The Burning Circle, the podcast of Ubuntu Ohio. The podcast now has over one hundred episodes since launch. Outside the Ubuntu realm I have presented since December 2007 LISTen: An Podcast which deals with more general issues in the realm of library and information science. Due to the harsh terms of employment I am currently operating under, both podcasts are currently on ice until I work out some of the ramifications of mandates.

In the midst of preparing for a potential move I am having to reassess my computing profile. My BeagleBoard-xM functions as a general purpose desktop running Debian Testing on armhf except that it lacks functioning audio capability. There is a Raspberry Pi serving as a general purpose server except that I have yet to figure out why it will not handle a ZNC bouncer correctly. There is a hand-me-down desktop that previously was in use running VectorLinux Light 7.0 but it may not survive moving. My netbook is dying as it tries to reboot itself without benefit of user intervention when I attempt to shut it down. I may need to replace it but that is on hold while discussion ensue about whether or not the Raspberry Pi could be re-purposed as a mobile platform if a suitable husk could be located.

An Arudino was purchased by a benefactor. I want to build an NTP receiver for WWV/WWVH signals with it perhaps. Some other project may come to mind, too. With the Ethernet shield on-hand, I have my suspicions that Contiki will be in the mix soon. Using it alongside a Raspberry Pi as part of a home-built mobile device may become necessary in light of current developments.

Materiel donations via this configured Amazon wishlist are graciously accepted in this time of cutbacks and continuing equipment failures. Anything received is gratefully appreciated with a cheerful heart in these days of uncertain employment. I had planned on resuming studies but that remains on indefinite hold. Work-wise I am a trained cataloging librarian and have served at academic libraries. I wish to return to service as a librarian soon.

I have been an Ubuntu Member since March 15, 2012.


Pending Matters

  • Ubuntu Learn about Asterisk and implement my own server

    Ubuntu Learn Perl

    Ubuntu Learn Python

Additional Materials


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