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I, Stephen Michael Kellat, apply for upload rights for the packageset xubuntu or a subset thereof to allow upload rights for xubuntu-docs.


Stephen Michael Kellat

Launchpad Page

Wiki Page

Who I am

By training I am a professional librarian. I write documentation for Xubuntu. I currently serve as LoCo leader for Ubuntu Ohio and have been trying to spark activity within the group. I herd ARM boards while still using x86 machines on occasion.

My Ubuntu story

Within Ubuntu, I initially started trying the various flavors in 2008. I left for a little while to try openSUSE until their PowerPC support faded below Ubuntu's level of support. Since moving from Nevada back to Ohio I have taken part in the activities of the Ohio LoCo in increasing stages to where I am now the LoCo leader. Since UDS-1303 I have dug in hard to help improve documentation for Xubuntu and contributed a new chapter to xubuntu-docs. During the preparations for the Quantal cycle I advocated for the inclusion of apt-offline which we are now planning to include in the Saucy release.

I use computers in a world where always-online Internet access is an ideal but not always reality. In rural Ohio I have to contend with infrastructure failures that happen at inconvenient times. I advocate for improving offline resources to avoid "chicken and the egg" situations with what is shipped on the LiveCD so that users can thrive even in resource-challenged environments. Adequate broadband access only exists for 70% of United States residents and we have to make sure to not leave the other 30% behind.

My involvement

My involvement has been focused on editing and getting merges approved for xubuntu-docs to improve documentation and synchronize it to release goals. Though I am trying to learn to code software my primary goal at this time is to ensure that the friction level for users is reduced by having adequate documentation available at-hand.

Examples of my work / Things I'm proud of

I am proud of creating our offline package management chapter text from scratch.

Areas of work

In work on xubuntu-docs, I cooperate heavily with knome, lyz, and Unit193 in creating and updating documentation. knome has asked me on occasion to seek sponsored upload for xubuntu-docs after he has made commits to help reduce load on our two main developers but I want to take things to the next level to be able to upload on my own.

Things I could do better

Avoid avoidable typos when proposing merges. I missed a minor typo in the new chapter that shipped on the Raring Ringtail disc. For the nine months of support, I have to live with that mistake that I missed in that bit of documentation creation.

Plans for the future


Write more documentation


  • Learn at least one programming language so that I can help in the creation of software.
  • Learn how to properly package software to bring new tools to our universe of software
  • Accept further responsibility within Xubuntu as the Project Leader may be pleased to entrust to me
  • Write at least one new chapter for xubuntu-docs during the Saucy cycle

What I like least in Ubuntu

We argue a wee bit too much. We barely get to painting the bikeshed because we are stuck at the paint store some times.


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=== Areas of Improvement ===

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