About Me

I joined Canonical in August 2014 as a Technical Account Manager within Canonical's STS team. As a result of hard work and effort, I earned respect from my peers. Since then, I got promoted into the Sustaining Engineering team where some of my responsibilities are : driving customer and community bugs into resolution by troubleshooting, fixing bugs, providing guidance & workarounds, for different areas of expertise which may cover areas such as: kernel, drivers, virtualization, network, cloud, storage setups, ... and physical/virtual environment orchestration. Also working with other members within Canonical Ubuntu Engineering, Cloud Development Operations Team, Ubuntu User and Developers Community, Upstream Communities, ...

I think I have a good history of substantial direct contributions and a good sense of personal responsibility for the quality of Ubuntu releases and for the satisfaction of Ubuntu users.

Contact Information

Ubuntu memberships

  • Ubuntu Developer Membership Board (DMB) member

    • First 2 year-term (2018-05-10 to 2020-05-11)
  • Ubuntu Core Developer

  • Ubuntu SRU Developer

  • Ubuntu Contributing Developer

  • Ubuntu Member

  • Ubuntu Bug Control

  • Ubuntu Bug Squad


Ubuntu contributions / SRU


+1 maintenance

  • [FBTFS] pcp is missing Build-Depends for "libqt5svg5-dev" | LP: #1733619

  • FTBFS in bionic for cross-toolchain-base | LP: #1742277

FTBFS in stable releases

Debian contributions

  • Bug#883537: sosreport: Regresion from [sosreport] add per-plugin package verification lists.
  • Bug#863374: sosreport: Docker plugin uses the wrong command for Ubuntu
  • Bug#881822: pcp: pmatop binary segfault when ran as-is
  • Bug#881650: pcp: Convert package from 3.0 (native) to 3.0 (quilt)
  • Bug#878792: lshw crashes with SEGV in privileged containers, unless you disable the 'usb' test.
  • Bug#839645: zfsutils-linux: python utilities script suffix (.py) should be removed as per Policy 10.4
  • Bug#839071: zfsutils-linux: Issues based on the fact that ZFS relies on mtab.
  • Bug#832938: zfs-linux: ZFS ARC python scripts location and scripts policy
  • Bug#805879: libpam-sshauth: libpam-sshauth dropped support for publickey authentication)
  • Bug#755848 netcfg: preseed d-i netcfg/hostname does not set hostname
  • Bug#775847 openipmi: solterm is not working without ssl
  • ...

Ubuntu Kernel contributions

Upstream contributions

Future Goals

Always continue to improve myself by studying/reading/contributing and working on userland/kernel bugs, ... One day I hope to have the chance to give back to a new generation by mentoring and training someone the same way I've been mentored.

Other applications and more comments/endorsements


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Eric is always ready to help out with any Ubuntu related problems. He has vast Linux experience that is a valuable asset to the Ubuntu community.

-- alexmoldovan 2015-12-03 15:34:31

I met Eric Desrochers during the interview process at Canonical and I knew he was the best fit for the position. Eric is always open to learn new technologies and he's always open to help others. Eric is a quick learner and has proven to be a very good asset to the Ubuntu community by fixing kernel bugs and userland bugs. As peers Eric helped me with a few kernel troubleshooting cases.

-- lborda 2015-12-03 16:13:26

I have been mentoring Eric for almost one year now and I can say that I'm impressed how quick Eric evolved. Nowadays I can say that he is (or was) direct responsible for different kinds of bug resolutions (mostly userland) and has learned different ways on how to solve Ubuntu problems and help Ubuntu community as a whole. I think Eric is a great addiction to the community!!!

-- inaddy 2016-01-04 17:35:26

I always appreciate Eric's help, whether he's teaching other Ubuntu users in groups, working on Launchpad bugs, or just helping out one-to-one. The community is enriched by his efforts. Thanks for your help on bug 1507798.

-- markthomas 2016-01-04 19:12:00

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