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Shawn Barnes


Xubuntu 13.10 64-bit

Computer Type

Toshiba C75D-A

Comp Hobbies

Virtualization, Gaming, Server Software, Enterprise Software

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About Me

My name is Shawn Barnes. I have been following and using Ubuntu since 4.10 and when Ship It cds were sent out freely. I've used Ubuntu on a number of computers such as iBook G3, iBook G4, various x86 and x86_64 hardware.

I'm a computer geek and have been since I was young using MSDOS 3.0 all the way up to GUIs. My personal reflection of myself is I'm a jack of all trades with computers, I work with hardware, software, networking, malware, bloatware, installs, repairs, thin-clients, servers, programming, you name it. It's been an amazing journey seeing Linux grow and become one of the most widely used operating system cores. I would have to say my first experience with Linux was back in 1999, my mom purchased a magazine that had a copy of Linux on it, I reformatted my Windows 98 computer and attempted to install it. When it came up with nothing but a CLI I started to wonder just what Linux was. My hardware wasn't able to support X11 at the time so I went back to Windows 98. A year or two later I tried out BSD, again my hardware wasn't compatible for the graphics capabilities. The first Linux distrobution I purchased was SuSE 8.0, I purchased it around the time XP came out. My moms computer wouldn't allow the internet to function on Windows 98 so I gave her my XP disc and installed Linux on my computer. KDE 3.5 was the primary DE and it held a lot of joy and wonders - such as hover over mp3s to play them, video capabilities, messengers, etc. This herald my coming into Linux. Since then I've been using Ubuntu and Fedora, playing around with Debian, CentOS, RedHat, etc. always coming back to a variant of Ubuntu.

I'm an avid supporter of Android and Google and hope to one day continue my computers works and build up to work for Canonical or Google.


Currently, I have been feeling more ambitious to join the Xubuntu group and work with them on Xubuntu or related items such as social media, graphics, programming, documentation, help, etc. Xubuntu has remained one of my top distros to use as Unity is not for me.

Completed Projects


Change EFI Boot Order in NVRAM from Linux relying on efibootmgr


Gedit Plugin

Strips Diacritics from active document in Gedit

On Ubuntu forums

Current Projects

(Planned) Xubuntu

Help in any way that I can be it social media, documentation, or developing media content for Xubuntu specifically


Qt, QML, C++, Python, PyGame, and PyQT Projects


Developing apps for Ubuntu Phone/Tablet

Community Supported Criteria

  • Ubuntu Forums - I jump into the Ubuntu Forums and try to help people diagnose and troubleshoot issues they are having with Ubuntu or variants.
  • Receiving email from Xubuntu mailing list.

Professional Achievements

  • Developed a program for Microsoft Call Center Agents to use to help notate calls
  • Received YNP Scholarship in 2006 for the Novell Young Network Professionals
  • Became certified in Novell CNA 6.5 in 2006
  • Worked for Microsoft (as a vendor) and Apple Inc.
  • Intern for High School for Network Administrator
  • Macintosh Administrator at High School from 2004-2006

Personal Achievements

  • Self-taught programming languages: Python, HTML, Javascript, C++, C, Java, and jQuery
  • Introduced family and friends to Ubuntu
  • Learned to harness the power of open source applications such as GIMP (Graphic Design)


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