Sparc Known Issues

  • The first partition at the beginning of the disk cannot be software RAID or LVM. The installer will not offer the options when in manual partitioning mode. Create a 1 MB empty partition at the beginning of the disk and start creating your RAID/LVM partitions from there. This is not a bug but the only known way at the moment to protect the partition table stored in the first 512 bytes of the disk.
    • I had to let /boot be the first partition w/o RAID in order for SILO to boot from disk. The small unused partition work-around didn't work for me. HTH anyone else. -- AlexMuntada 2007-11-22 15:46:31

  • When installing on software raid1, make sure to keep a small separate raid/partition close to the beginning of the disk to hold a separate /boot.
  • silo support for cd booting is not rock solid. Workaround: use netboot.

    • A fix has been uploaded but no ISO have been rolled out yet.
  • Netra X1's network has been reported as broken. No workaround are known at the moment. (fixed has been committed in the kernel)
  • T2000 rev2 has known disk issues caused by the new onboard SAS controller. This makes the installation process very slow. The server team has indicated that the fix will not be back ported to dapper, although it is fixed in edgy, as discussed here.

  • General Fault light comes on with a number of models of Sun Enterprise servers. This doesn't mean anything is actually broken.

Known Issues regarding unsupported software

  • Xorg autoconfiguration might fail in a large amount of cases. There is no workaround at the moment. Please file a bug on

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