New Wiki Meeting Style

I wanted to make a clear layout of how the new meeting "should" work.

The standard meeting will occur on Jaunary 9, 2010 at 0000 UTC (1900 EST). The meeting will have an agenda and we'll go through and discuss the topics as required, the only difference is that we won't vote on a resolution at the end. The meeting then will serve to narrow the topic down and discuss it initially. I'll log the whole conversation, post it to the regular log area for meetings then email the list.

New Part Mail Discussion

This is the new thing. I'm going to take the logs and link them in a new email to list, subject will be exactly "Wiki FG Meeting 1 - Topic 1" (no quotes). This thread can then serve as the discussion launchapd. I'll include in the starter a link to the logs (which include a brief summary of meeting and agreement from IRC). I'll clearly indicate in the opening email what topic 1 is to discuss. All replies thereafter are on that discussion topic until discussion is mostly settled. Each separate topic get's a subsequent thread on mail list to keep it clear. When all topics mostly discussed to satisfaction, we'll have a vote via below.


Alternative 1

A doodle poll, a sample has been created here. Satisfies everything I believe, and easier than the mail voting. As ya can see, 3 options per topic, yes, no and abstain. You get to pick one per topic, not that it wasn't clear. No private mechanism though, don't think anyone needs one.

Alternative 2

After a few days, I'll try my best and summarize the discussion, and summarize things into a resolution we can vote for/against. Then I'll send a new email to the list titled: "Wiki FG Meeting - Vote 1". The original message will contain each resolution as I've summarized from the discussion in following form.

Oh and doodle does column tallying, so I get to save myself doing tedious math. recommends this option for voting.

Topic 1 Resolution: is an awesome guy, we need to send him free booze, right now.

Responses, as the discussion, should just be replies to the initial one I post. Vote clearly with each topic, if you've no opinion please abstain. Should be same standard way we do it on IRC, +1 Is for the resolution, -1 is against the stated resolution, +0 is abstention. So for example:

Topic 1: +1
Topic 2:-1
Topic 3: +0

After another day, or when I get everyones vote, Ill tally the numbers quick and reply with the last one titled: "Wiki FG Meeting - Results 1". I'll list each topic, the resolution, and the vote tallies. Then I'll go back and add to the logs the agreed resolutions. Anyone wanting a private vote (I don't think it's really needed) can reply directly to my email address. (last edited 2010-01-10 02:40:23 by 206-248-161-6)