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About Me

Hi, I'm Danniel Korotkin i love linux. i believe in concept Linux for human-beings and OpenSource. I have passion for development, communities and creativity.

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Status0 @ #ubuntu-il

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Most of my friends now using Ubuntu because i have explained them the benefits of using it. I help in few forums

I'm just started being involved on Ubuntu community in Israel, Hopeful i will write more of contributions with a time

  • Redesign community approach on Ubuntu Israel group on Facebook

  • Creating "Welcome to Ubuntu" video casts (in progress)
  • Designed community method of "Fun with Ubuntu" for Israeli community.
  • Design new methods of awareness to Israeli community
  • Merged most of Israeli Ubuntu groups to one group
  • Promoting the community via Facebook

Future Goals

  • Getting more involved Ubuntu in Israel area
  • Create "Stickiness" on the internet to Israeli Ubuntu community
  • Create more software for Israeli Ubuntu users
  • To bring more awareness to the public what fun to use Ubuntu
  • Promote via Twitter and Facebook, make Ubuntu IL to be a Viral

  • Focusing on concept "Ubuntu Is Fun"
  • Expend the Israeli Ubuntu community


If you know me and have something nice to say, please leave a comment here.

  • Danny is awesome, helped and still helping in the Ubuntu-il website. i wish to see him in the ubuntu family Smile :) - Ddorda

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