Process for merge

1. Check MoM & DaD for merge
• Check nobody is assigned via comment on DaD and LP for open bug (you can check with uploader of package also)
2. Download the package with the corresponding script (i prefer MoM as it unpacks)
- Check the REPORT file and note the conflicts and also the build flag you should use
3. Change into directory & build the package with debuild -S -sa
4. Create the debdiff by diff debian.dsc ubuntu.dsc
• This is important that you say debian first then ubuntu
5. Check the debdiff file - changes with a
+ (added by ubuntu)
- (removed by ubuntu from debian package)
6. Check the debian/changelog to determine what the ubuntu* revisions have put into the debian revision
7. Check if these are still relevant (check the actual file you are patching!)
8. If relevant - include these in the changelog as carried across
9. Check if you are closing any existing LP bugs by this revision
10. debuild -S -v(version from REPORT)
11. debdiff again
12. sudo pbuilder build ubuntu.dsc
• check that it builds correctly! (read output carefully as it may fail and you wont notice (ok, maybe ive done that before))
13. Create a bug on LP for the merge
eg. Please merge name new version (universe) from Debian (unstable).
• paste your changelog into the bug
• submit the bug - record the bug number
14. Edit your debdiff to include the (LP: #bugnumber) to the changelog to automatically close the bug...

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