Software in the main repository can only include build depends, depends and recommends on other software located in the main repository.
If it requires a some software located elsewhere, a MIR (MainInclusionRequest) must be filed, or the other software must be modified to not require that software. You can use Suggests to suggest a package located in another repo (like universe) - as Suggests does not install automatically.

Currently LP has a problem with BZR stacked branches. The following steps can fix it.

import bzrlib.branch
b ='bzr+ssh://')

To check for a specifc Depend

checkrdepends -b libcgi-pm-perl intrepid

When building for PPA - use debuild -S -sa

In this example the "-" means ignore error. -$(MAKE) distclean (its generally better to trap specific error)
diff -Nurp when making patches

Pbuilder for me didnt show debconf questions when running it with --login.
I had to edit .pbuilderrc and add one of the following (dialog recommended)

# make debconf not interact with user
# export DEBIAN_FRONTEND="noninteractive"
# export DEBIAN_FRONTEND="dialog"
# export DEBIAN_FRONTEND="readline"


Dont open a new bug for SRU requests - create an SRU request from an existing bug. Ensure that duplicates are linked to the master bug.

Ensure that you close the SRU request with the changelog - if done this way, it will close the original bug also!

Manually wget each portion of the source package (yuck), or you can use pull-lp-source (from the ubuntu-dev-tools binary package), or you can use dget (in devscripts) or dgetlp (in ubuntu-dev-tools) if you have a deb-src line for jaunty universe, you can just `apt-get source package

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