Stefano Palazzo

Hello! I'm Stefano Palazzo. I write programs and do support in the Ubuntu community.
I'm a student of applied computer science, located in Bochum, Germany.

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Contributions To Ubuntu

  • Most importantly, I am one of the very active members of Ask Ubuntu, contributed around 300 answers at the time of writing this, and worked my way up the top users by reputation. I have been elected community moderator for the site on February 15 2011.

  • I created the the Ask Ubuntu Lens, integrating into Unity (also on launchpad). To create a nicer experience, I've also written one of two (independent) search engines for AskUbuntu.

  • I've recently kicked off the Ask Ubuntu Classroom and held one session so far, with another one coming up. Other contributors have made this effort, even though it's very young, quite a success already. We are now looking into ways of integrating the Ask Ubuntu Classroom with #ubuntu-classroom.

My plans and ideas for Ubuntu

  • I see community support as one of the major differentiators between Ubuntu and other operating system, not a substitute for traditional support, but one of the key benefits. I therefore would like to help advance the coordination and foster innovation in the Ubuntu community support infrastructure. I see myself as being very capable of enabling support greatness in the community; This is what I want to continue to spend my time on.


Stefano is one awesome guy. I <3 his work, specially VictoryChat. He is a very talented programmer and web designer, he has contributed alot to Ask Ubuntu,and has helped me in learning python. A must candidate for Ubuntu membership -- amith

Stefano is friendly, approachable and knowledgeable - his work on other projects outside Ubuntu (such as Victory Chat, his numerous small Python projects etc) is very good as well. -- jamesgifford

I have absolutely no hesitation recommending Stefano for membership. He has done a terrific job as moderator of Ask Ubuntu and is very approachable with questions / concerns. Stefano is by far the most knowledgeable Python programmer I have had the pleasure of knowing and he has helped me with a number of problems by not only providing a working solution (seemingly) out of thin air but also explaining the solution. George Edison

I've been working with Stefano on this cycle and the last one. Though his excellent answers speak for themselves, I am more impressed with his ability to help others improve by doing the not-so-glamarous editing and retagging of questions and answers on the site in order to make it a valuable resources for everyone. I plan on mentoring him over the next coming months as we continue to work on the site.

Stefano has also been working with Neil on the DX team on Lenses for Unity, which is a handy functionality that will get more important in the future, so having someone pounding on the API and then working directly with DX to make that great for app authors has been invaluable.

One thing I would recommend is to become more involved in other parts of the projects, perhaps a local team or something of that nature to help "round" you out. -- jorge 2010-12-07 16:15:17

Stefano Palazzo is a great member of and he has provided a great deal of support there. His answers are always knowledgeable and friendly. -- IsaiahHeyer

stefano-palazzo is a very kind person who is always trying to help people in all the way he can. He is very polite and a knowledgeable person, and dedicated to the Ubuntu community. I fully support his ubuntu membership. -karthick87

As a moderator on Ask Ubuntu I've seen a wide variety of users from both helpful, to the less than helpful (troll-like). Stefano has offered both excellent questions and answers as well as participation both on the site and within the community chat. He consistently provides excellent and knowledgeable feedback on both the site and chat. His constant participation has helped our community grow. His dedication to site moderation has helped to shape our community as well. In other areas of Ubuntu, his knowledge of German and English have also assisted in the translation of LaunchPad projects, such as AptUrlRedirector -- marcoceppi

Stefano is one of the most dedicated community members I know, and almost (almost!) never refuses to help someone when they have a problem. He's contributed in both code and man hours, so I think he would be a great addition to the "club". -rolandixor

Stefano is great. He's an excellent moderator on Ask Ubuntu. He's superb at writing balanced and detailed answers on Ask Ubuntu. And he participates fully within the Ubuntu ecosystem. He will be an awesome Ubuntu member. -- oli

Stefano does not only like to help others but he is also very successful in doing so. He always enjoys to share his huge knowledge on Ubuntu, and on computing in general. His work as a moderator on Ask Ubuntu also shows that he follows an outstanding ethical standard. His Ubuntu membership will be a gain for the Ubuntu community. Takkat


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