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What do I do in Ubuntu?

  • Ubuntu Ubuntu/Canonical Foundations team member
    Ubuntu Ubuntu Core Developer
    Ubuntu Ubuntu Technical Board (TB) member
    Ubuntu Ubuntu Developer Membership Board (DMB) member
    Ubuntu Edubuntu Council member and one of the main developers
    Ubuntu LTSP developer and maintainer in Ubuntu
    Ubuntu Ubuntu Switzerland team leader (remotely as I now live in Canada)
    Ubuntu Initial author and upstream for pastebinit, arkose, weblive and a few other projects
    Ubuntu ... a few other things that you'll likely find on my LP page anyway ...

My work for Ubuntu

After almost 3 years working on deployment of Ubuntu in education and on LTSP at Revolution Linux, I joined Canonical to focus on Ubuntu even more. I'm now working as a Foundations team member on installer issues, networking (mostly IPv6), containers (LXC, arkose) and the installer (ubiquity, d-i). Recently I've also been involved in upstart and its related projects (libnih and mountall). I'm also one of the two main Edubuntu contributors and an upstream developer of quite a few tools that we ship in Edubuntu (including LTSP).

Other than that I'm active in a few other teams as listed above.

An up to date list of projects I'm working on (most of them outside of my day to day work) can be found at:


When it comes to computer science I've got pretty varied interests and knowledges. I'm initially a network guy who's been managing some pretty complex networks (think IPv6, BGP, IPSEC, dual-stack firewalls, high availability and clustering) but I've also been doing quite a lot of development over the years and am upstream to quite a few software.

I can just as well work on relatively low level stuff (plumbing) than on GUI (gtk/qt mostly) or web interfaces. A good example of a big mix of all of that is WebLive as it's a service to offer full desktops over the network using containers, NX, custom GUIs and a service managing all the accounts and offering an API while having to scale quite well.

Over the last 3 years I grew an interest for application and system containers, initially using OpenVZ and then becoming involved with the LXC guys and working on tools to make them easier to use (arkose).

I also have quite a bit of interest for the use of Ubuntu in education through the work I do in maintaining Edubuntu and other tools that are heavily used in education such as LTSP and iTalc.

What else ?

I'm 23 (in 2013, in case I forget to update the page :)), living since August 2008 in Sherbrooke, QC, CA. I used to live in Bevaix, NE, CH and did my studies there before moving for work to Canada.

Contacting me

You can usually find me on as "stgraber" or mail me at one of the e-mails from my Launchpad profile.


I tend to forget to update this page, if you thin it's completely outdated (it used to be), just poke me Smile :)

Look at my Launchpad profile for fresher information.

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