[22:22] <czajkowski> [topic] Ahmed Toulan  / thelinuxer
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[22:22] <thelinuxer> hi guys
[22:23] <czajkowski> thelinuxer: aloha thanks for waiting
[22:23] <moshe742> thanks, and if i need to do anything better i want to have your input:)
[22:23] <thelinuxer> czajkowski: np :)
[22:23] <Seveas> moshe742, just keep on making Ubuntu bigger in Israel :)
[22:23] <thelinuxer> i wanted to wait :D
[22:23] <thelinuxer> My name is Ahmed Toulan. I am one of the official Loco contacts in ubuntu-eg group. The Egyptian LoCo team.
[22:23] <thelinuxer> I joined the group in 2007 but the owner disappeared and nothing much was done.
[22:23] <thelinuxer> there was no moderation for the launchpad group or the mailing list. No one was able to join the group.
[22:23] <moshe742> np, thanks again:)
[22:23] <thelinuxer> I stepped forward for moderator role, with my colleague Mohamed Zaian(Extend), both on the mailing list and the launchpad group.
[22:24] <thelinuxer> We tried (the whole team) to arrange a release party a couple of times,  but we didn't succeed in finding a good venue.
[22:24] <czajkowski> thelinuxer: that;'s a lot testimonials
[22:24] <highvoltage> nice amount of testimonials but I don't know any of the people who made them, I assume they're all part of the loco team
[22:24] <ogra_cmpc> ++
[22:24] <Seveas> That's a good amount of testimonials, but there have recently been problems in the egypt loco team. How is the team doing these days?
[22:24] <thelinuxer> czajkowski: i have good friends
[22:24] <mgamal> highvoltage: yes we are
[22:24] <thelinuxer> it wasn't a problem with the team
[22:24] <thelinuxer> a member tried to steal our work
[22:24] <thelinuxer> and that was not acceptable
[22:24] <Seveas> who was that?
[22:24] <IdleOne> steal how?
[22:24] <thelinuxer> so he was banned from the team
[22:25] <highvoltage> thelinuxer: one of your goals for 2010 is arranging classes for students
[22:25] <thelinuxer> Sam Azab(HardDisk)
[22:25] <czajkowski> nice to see photos from events, looked lke a good release part
[22:25] <highvoltage> thelinuxer: how is that going (seeing that 2010 is more than half-way done)
[22:25] <thelinuxer> czajkowski: yes
[22:25] <drubin> thelinuxer: We do not need to get into details about that. ;-p
[22:25] <drubin> great to see testimonials and pics
[22:25] <Seveas> thelinuxer, is the egypt loco team approved yet?
[22:25] <thelinuxer> highvoltage: we are actually responsible for students summer training, currently in progress
[22:25] <highvoltage> thelinuxer: great
[22:25] <thelinuxer> i uploaded a few photos here,
[22:25] <thelinuxer> it's only a temp page
[22:26] <thelinuxer> Seveas: no it isn't
[22:26] <thelinuxer> but we plan to get approved by the end on this month (next meeting)
[22:26] <Seveas> thelinuxer, how are you planning to achieve that?
[22:26] <thelinuxer> currently we have done 1 install fest
[22:27] <thelinuxer> most of us are involved with other LUGs like EGLUG
[22:27] <thelinuxer> the second event is the summer training we are having now
[22:27] <thelinuxer> and recently I finished our website
[22:27] <thelinuxer> and we start filling it with content :)
[22:27] <czajkowski> thelinuxer: I dont see your team down on the list for this months meeting for LC .  How do you plan on getting your  team ready for this?  how have you gone about organising it ?
[22:28] <thelinuxer> actually i am waiting till we end the summer training (next Thrusday) cause we don't have much time now
[22:28] <Sensiva> We were busy preparing for the currently ongoing training.
[22:28] <thelinuxer> we will have a meeting to finalize the application and the roadmap
[22:28] <thelinuxer> directly after the summer training
[22:29] <thelinuxer> now we just try to document everything
[22:29] <thelinuxer> and share everything with the community
[22:29] <thelinuxer> and constantly distribute ubuntu CDs
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[22:29] <Seveas> +1
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[22:29] <highvoltage> +1 [ active participation in loco team, good local feedback of work from peers ]
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[22:30] <Sensiva> We didn't cheer for the guy yet lol
[22:30] <czajkowski> +1
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[22:30] <highvoltage> didn't popey say he had to go?
[22:30] <popey> no
[22:30] <popey> :D
[22:30] <popey> I am playing with czajkowski
[22:30] <popey> +1
[22:31] <popey> :)
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[22:31] <highvoltage> popey: oh oO
[22:31] <czajkowski> drubin: ping
[22:31] <Seveas> drubin, finish him!
[22:31] <popey> lol
[22:31] <drubin> +1
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[22:31] <Sensiva> :D
[22:31] <drubin> sorry
[22:31] <thelinuxer> Seveas: lol
[22:31] <mgamal> :D
[22:31] <highvoltage> I actually lolled
[22:31] <popey> congrats!
[22:31] <popey> ditto!
[22:31] <czajkowski> [endvote]
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[22:31] <Seveas> thelinuxer, welcome aboard!
[22:31] <thelinuxer> thanx guys  :D
[22:31] <EgyParadox> Congratulations
[22:31] <Sensiva> thelinuxer Congrats
[22:31] <highvoltage> thanks everyone and goodbye!
[22:31] <popey> wow
[22:31] <popey> so many great people!
[22:31] <thelinuxer> thanx everyone
[22:32] <ogra_cmpc> congrats !
[22:32] <popey> what a good month!
[22:32] <czajkowski> #endmeeting
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[22:32] <MFawzy> congrats thelinuxer
[22:32] <mgamal> congrats thelinuxer
[22:32]  * czajkowski hugs MootBot 
[22:32] <Seveas> woo, good meeting everyone
[22:32] <alonswartz> Thanks folks
[22:32] <Seveas> see you next month!
[22:32] <thelinuxer> thanx mgamal Sensiva MFawzy EgyParadox

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