Этот парень очень полезно;) Он помог мне с Compiz в Jabber. Он человек, я могу обратиться, когда мне нужна помощь с Ubuntu. Он должен быть членом Ubuntu.

This guy is very useful Wink ;) He has helped me with Compiz in Jabber. He is the man I contact when I need help with Ubuntu. He should be an Ubuntu member.

~Sed, through Jabber

Thomas has helped me many times when it comes to Ubuntu, on topics ranging from bash mistypes to massive driver issues. He is very active in the Ubuntu community and I highly recommend him for being an Ubuntu Member.

~ MXIIA, https://launchpad.net/~mxiia93, through AIM

Thomas is very active in the Ubuntu community and he has helped me numerous times in various Linux and Ubuntu based situations. If I need help with anything Linux related, I turn to him for help. I think he would be a great Member in the Ubuntu community.

~ Jesse Dunlap, http://jdunlap.acrayos.com/

This guy just made an AWESOME website for the Ubuntu Youth Team and he coded it by hand!! It looks awesome!

~Andrew Constantine, https://launchpad.net/~andrewmc

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