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Who I am

M. C Jesus Antonio Alvarez Cedillo Nick: ToGnu Job: Researcher and Teacher EDI Level-1 Aspiring Doctor of Technology Computation of CIITEC-IPN Founder of the Community of Linux IPN Member of the Linux community Chetumal, Merida, Cancun and Tlaxcala. Member of the Mexican Academy Multidisciplinary Friend of the journal "Software Free fact magazine Part of the congressional committee orgnaizador National Free Software (Consol). Member of the Image Festival Latin American Software Installation Free (FLISOL). Active member of Collegiate Professor in the SIP-IPN

My Ubuntu story

My history of Ubuntu = I've used Linux since its inception, I used Mandriva, SuSE distributions, Redhat , and innovative proposals such as Turbo Linux.

At the end of 2007 i knew Ubuntu, an operating system that would never have to use, if not for an error in the hard disk of my computer, in the Congress of Free Software in Chetumal, on Mexico, I had the presentation in my USB, but I had to install a operating system that I allow the presentation of my talk, when I used the life version," I loved the product. At ten o'clock in the evening and started the installation and functioning so well that today not only use UBUNTU, today, I like show UBUNTU and I like present it with pride in any congress

Areas of work

* Free Software * Ubuntu Linux * Computer Architecture * Parallel and distributed architectures * Operating systems for parallel and distributed * Architectures and Systems for Clusters computers * Architectures for Internet servers * Parallel and Distributed Algorithms * Evaluation of Performance * Internet * Interconnection Networks * Operating Systems (Windows, Linux, FreeBSD,MacOS, Hp9000) * Simulation of parallel systems * Graphing and Modeling * Town memory GPUs

Plans for the future

* Coordinate the FLISOL 2009 * Be part of the Jaunty Installation Party * Help Ubuntu MEXICO Local Team to become an approved team * Spread Ubuntu Linux throughout MEXICO * Work mutually with LINUX IPN COMMUNITY , this way we can create in proper way GNU/Linux MEXICO * Work with the Ubuntu Spanish Translator Team and the Ubuntu french Translator Team . * Work with the Ubuntu USERS


If you program was compiled, well done!!!!,but if the program run, it is wonderful!!!


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